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Work Conflicting With Diet


Hey I'm going to be landscaping this summer probably 40 hours a week. I plan on lifting tuesday, wensday, thursday, nights and then saturday and sunday. My question is what can i do during the day while i work to make sure my diet doesnt go to shit.

I thought about packing a protein shake, a meal replacement shake, and a few sandwhichs in a cooler to eat during breaks. Any other suggestions would be great thanks.


Well as far as I know, working a full day, you will get breaks. Just pack your food in the cooler and eat on your breaks. I work construction 50-60 hour weeks and being at work its easier for me to follow my diet then when I'm at home on the weekend. Basicly when I work I bring 4 to 6 hard boiled eggs, a chicken breast, can of tuna and some cottage cheese, and a shit load of veggies and fruit. Keeps you full without leaving you feeling lathargic. Anyways good luck and watch out for that first sunburn its always teh worst.


What you have suggested sounds alright. Other options are to take bags of nuts or tins of tuna with you, put some hard boiled eggs or some cooked chicken breasts in your cooler bag.

There are plenty of options available to you. You just have to find stuff that you like, cook it before hand and it can survive a day in a cooler.


is it alright if i pre-mix my shakes in the morning before i go to work, or will the consistency be bad by the time i drink them?


I mix my shakes in the morning in the blender(cottage cheese, oatmeal, berries,milk protien powder) for my breakfast ussualy make enough for 2 shakes and ahve one after work, just give it a little shake again before drinking it again to get rid of seperation and your good to go.


ah man i sometimes mix up a whole blender worth of shakes and just leave them in the fridge... no biggie.