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Work capacity

Anyone know of any good methods or protocols for increasing general work capacity? I haven’t heard or read too much on this particular subject, so any response is appreciated. Especially from Dave Tate and Ian King. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Extra Workouts with a weight 60% of your assistance exercises 24 hours after a heavy workout. Plus, Dave Tate has a good article on sled dragging on T-Mag

Thanks krakkerz. More questions. All assistance excercises preformed in the previous 24 hours??? Also sets, reps, tempo, rest periods and to concentric failure or??? I know I’m asking alot. Lastly you make me feel like a dumbass because I read the sled dragging article awhile ago and forgot about it. I’ll have to reread it. Thanks for the reminder. :slight_smile:

Say you worked bench. Say, 6x2 (6 sets of 2)bench, 4 x 4 Incline, 6 x 5 Close Bench, 6 x 5 Row. An old favourite workout of mine.
24 hours later, do 3 sets Inclines, 4 sets Close Grips and 4 sets Rows with 60% of yesterday’s weight, not quite to failure.
This is how I do it, anyway.

read “High Octane Training” issue 134, under “Sprinting, Rapid Improvements, and Those Wacky East Germans” theres some good running tips too speed up leg recovery.