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Work Capacity

Hey guys, I want to increase my work capacity, fast. It would help me for basic (I leave in a little over a month) and Army athletics afterward.

I guess my goal is just great total-body conditioning, to be a work horse.

I have a good enough understanding that training for most other goals would carry over to help me with this, but this is my main focus.

Would I be going in the right direction with GPP circuits, Tabata, and cardio such as jumprope, burpees, running (distance and HIIT)?

Does this look good/ What would you guys suggest?

Any recommendations for what I should include in and how I should structure my workouts?

Also, how can I make the MOST out of this style of workout without worrying about overtraining?

Thanks in advance.

This article may give you a couple of ideas:

Try Crossfit WOD (the ones with burpees, run, kipping pull-ups, and so on, not the strenght-oriented ones), they’re good for work capacity.

Thanks a ton.

I’m always looking for more ideas, so if anyone has any, post away.

A couple of barbell routines for great conditioning: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/staying_power