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Work Capacity/Endurance

hey all…currently i’m doing Chad Waterbury’s Anti-BB Hypertrophy…love it so far. but i must admit its kicking my ass. i try to incorporate as much running as i can just to increase my endurance and well … to burn off some fat if possible.

well after Saturday (the squat day) i’m totally busted still and its Monday night. today was chins/dips day and it just ain’t gonna happen. i’m whipped. i’m trying to feed myself right but i’m just tired.

how can i increase my endurance? i’ve done weight workouts geared towards triathletes and swimmers (another pastime) for endurance purposes and was able to follow through. but this is tough (yeah cry me a river ;). any help? i really don’t wanna give up my running.

You need to drop all cardio while on my Anti-BB program. Your GPP (general physical preparedness) is relatively low so the program is very taxing/challenging. But you are making your situation worse by adding cardio. The program is already pushing your recovery to capacity, don’t try to add cardio on top of it. Here’s the problem - your conditioning levels are subpar and you are trying to make up for it by adding another demand on top of the weight-training program! That just won’t work. That’s like a hiker saying, “I want to make it easier on myself when hiking by adding more weight into my backpack.”
Drop all cardio, take two full days off from all exercise. Resume the program until it is finished. Then focus on building your GPP.
I would be happy to give you some GPP building advice when you get to that point.

I would be very interested in seeing your advice for increasing the GPP as well. Thanks.

aw darnit :wink: i had a feeling i’d have to give up the cardio but was holding on with both hands. i’ve worked so hard to increase my endurance – i guess it’s runners paranoia :wink: i feel like i’ll lose ground if i stop. ok advice well taken…i feel a lot better today and will put my running shoes in the closet for awhile wince

thanks very much for all your help Chad – i appreciate it.

sled dragging has made a huge difference in how i recover from my workouts.