Work Between Sets?

I know Jim Wendler suggests doing pullups between sets of bench and it makes sense to me.Would you suggest doing the same between squats/deadlifts?Maybe add some hanging leg raises or something?

Personally, I wouldn’t do anything between even moderately heavy sets of anything.

Light sets probably wouldn’t be an issue.

I guess something super easy like pull aparts would be ok, but I rely a ton on my upper back to keep me nice and tight during squats. I find pull ups really quite hard, so if I did them between squat sets there’s a fair chance I’d start falling forward because my upper and middle back would be tired from pull ups.

For pump work, I have found going press/row is good. But that’s about it.

I prefer face pulls between warm up sets on pressing movements. I wouldn’t do anything between sets of heavy squats and deadlifts. Never felt like I had the energy.

I depends. It is completely possible, you just need to lower your weights first and get used to the extra work. I did this for 6 weeks from Wendlers recommendation. I supersetted all my work with assistance and even my down sets for main movements. It works and has a good purpose. I was quite drained at first but got used quite quickly.

If your goal is to become competitive PL (which I assume) I think doing assistance between sets would be OK in base training. When doing peak, I would not do any extra work. ALSO - if youre doing some program where this is NOT planned out it is’nt probably the best idea.

Thanks for the responses guys.At the moment I have no competition planed so I can play around with things.I’ll might try it just on speed day or speed day and max effort warm ups