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Work at Moving Company and Training?


Does anyone have an all day physical job?
If so could you please tell me how it effects training?
Do you train before you go to work or just let yourself be tired for workouts?
I personally train for powerlifting.


I worked for a warehouse, a moving company, and done construction in the past and I still managed to workout. Truthfully, most of what you are dealing with is mental. If you really want to do something, you will find a way and the energy to do it.


Thanks man!


I worked for a moving company most of this last year and it didn't really mess with my training. Just make sure you're eating and drinking water throughout the work day.


I worked for a bick/block contractor, then concrete and a little later, railroad construction.

Eat as much caloric dense foods as you can and drink plenty of water.

Grab a 45 minute nap if possible.


I did it for years(brutal factory job) and you can too.

Like what the others said, food is key at work. You might have to take some good natured ribbing from your co-workers though, I know I did.

If you didn't have to push down hard on the lid of your lunch bag to close it when you leave for work, you didn't pack enough.


I had the big Igloo coolers and money to stop at the WAWA, 7-11, Turkey Hill, etc.


Thanks guys, I was thinking lots of protein shakes, breads, nuts(probably almonds), and fruits.
I already drink a lot of water, usually go over 2 gallons, so I've got that down.