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Work and Colleagues Losing their Jobs


Today at my job their were two people let go due to the current economic conditions.

One was someone who I genuinely feel bad for. She wasn't a terrific employee, but she's not a horrible person. I will be taking over some of her duties. This is fine with me because I it is easy work that will fill my down time... it has been slow at my office like everywhere. But still, I do feel bad for her.

Another is my arch nemesis. I am genuinely happy to see his skinny ass out the door. He has complained about me to his bosses and has told me outright that working with me was one of the worst parts of his job. When he started, I would try to help him, but because he was higher up than me, he decided that my thoughts were not worth considering.

He basically wrote me off as an asset before he started, which was a very bad play on his part. He really thought that I was the only person in the company that had a problem with him.

I just happen to be more vocal and less likely to cower in a corner. Anyway, I am really happy to see his fake, brown-nosing, skinny ass gone. (I am sort of scared that he will try to hunt me down though... I can see him go postal).

Anyway, I'm just curious at how some of you feel about the recent firings/layoffs at your jobs. At mine, at least these first two, the employee's weren't a good suit to the company to begin with and their jobs could easily be taken over by others in the company.

I am having trouble with wanting to celebrate the exit of one, but at the same time feeling bad for the other. I also think there might be more layoffs in the near future, and do feel bad for them.


I'm one of those survivors where I work, it sounds like you are too. Since 1989, I've survived countless downsizings, layoffs, mergers, re-orgs, a few acquisitions and maybe 6 business name changes as well. I have this ability to fit in and take on new tasks with no complaint.

So what's worse, being laid off on a Friday of being asked to pick up the slack on Monday?

The fortunate thing about business declines, it weeds out the misfits, malcontents and overall dead wood.

I had one guy that had a family that got axed (no fault of his own, they were after bodies and he had less seniority) on a Friday. I called a buddy with a shop on the outside and got this guy to stop in for an interview on his way home. Upon my recommendation and a basic background check, he was working again before he got his first unemployment check.

Yeah, I've rejoiced when people I didn't like got the axe. And I will agin I'm sure. It sucks when good people have to go.



I'm a self-employed illustrator, so the "office" hasn't laid anyone off here. lol

Seriously though... My agent tells me the market is really bad and many of her clients have been fired. This, coupled with corporate graphics departments downsizing everywhere has resulted in graphic designers now trying to survive on doing illustration work! So now we have a bunch of unemployed designers out there vying for the few good projects that we illustrators are trying to grab up. Ironically (or perhaps because I'm so damned good), I remain perpetually busy with work with no end in sight.


Just out of curiosity, what exactly is the difference between a graphic designer and an illustrator? I'm assuming that creativity and drawing are pretty standard for both, what are the differences?


Glad to hear some folks are still doing well. I have a friend who does graphic design and my girlfriend's parent have their own graphic design business, and they seem to be doing alright.

One aspect of the economy that has taken me by surprise is the amount of engineering friends I have who are having trouble finding work. When we were in college together the joke was always that while they busted their asses in class, they would end up with jobs. I on the other hand, as a political science major, didn't have the same job outlook.

Now I have several friends who are good engineers who are currently having trouble finding employment. I don't know much about the job market for engineers, but it always seemed like a field that offered a lot of prospects. I'm sure they'll be fine once things pick up a little bit.


Designers' concerns often include page layout, font choices, text size, working with photography (alteration, sizing and placement), color concerns, sometimes illustration(or placing art from an illustrator), pre-press concerns, logo design, etc. There's a lot to consider and it becomes tedious, and is often heavily art directed by a third party.

Illustration on the other hand is just drawing pictures all day. Simple. :slight_smile:

I've done my share of design for almost 20 years, but now work as an illustrator exclusively (since 2001)


Is your avatar an original drawing of your's?


Arch-nemesis? When did you become a superhero?


Only one person of importance has been let go. Her name was Zsate. Hottest chick in the entire building. No kids, she's younger than me, and still legal.



I had one in law school. They make the days go by faster.


Did your arch-nemesis have a shark tank, a billion dollar lair, and a pet cat with a flashy European name?



Having been on both sides on the table, all I can say is it never seems easy or as a time to celebrate. It is especially difficult when you know it wasn't about performance, strictly finances, and you know they have families. Can really get you down if you let it.

I can say that for me, it was actually a blessing in disguise as it forced me to make some changes that really needed to be made. Hopefully this will be true for your co-worker. I know it has been for a lot of the good people that I had to let go. The truly good workers always seem to be recognized and end up better off than before. Small consolation at the time, but it does seem to be true.


How can a college lose a job?



No, she had a big ass, a spot on law review, a lower ranking, and a habit of spreading nasty gossip.


Exactly my thoughts, until I figured out what she meant. Took me way longer than it should have, however.


So her ass is as big as a shank tank. Maybe even bigger. And I don't mean a small shark. I'm talking Hammerheads, Bulls, and Great Whites.


Unemployment is meaningless without pics.


You know times are hard when you have to sell crack to kids to pay for your gym membership.


I was one of the newer people let go at my job, and I am not happy about it. I get the whole seniority thing, but at the end of the day Visa needs to get paid.


Yea I'm also one of the laid off IT Guys... For one whole week before I got the boot, I was surfing the web, bored every day, waiting for some work to do. I knew it was coming!