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Wore Cargo Pants, Got Kicked Out


so my work out clothes are usually a pair of boots (or barefoot), cargo pants a black cut off and the Animal zip-up hoodie....since my JR year of HS at this gym (about 4 years now)

anyway today, this new receptionist came up to me all smacking her gum and blowing bubbles like "um excuse me sir, those pants and shoes are not allowed here...you either have to change or leave"

I explained to her how long I've been wearing this to the gym and that I'm doing back/chest and that my pants wont nterfere with anything or cause harm..but she called the day manager that doesnt really know me and said "this guy is being difficult and giving me all kinds of attitude for no reason"

at this point I'm getting angry which probably made her story seem more believeable, anyway the manager says " we don't want any trouble, can you just follow the dress code and relax"

then I put my mp3 on and blasted it and went to every guy breaking the dress code...there were a few shirtless fuckers in there

i pointed ut boots,jewlery, bandanas, girls wearing pajama pants.flip flops...just all kindsa shit

manager ignored all of that which I pointed out and asked me to leave


now I gotta blow my plans to get there at 1 am to redo my workout...this shits lame, anyone else ever been kicked out of the gym for dress code "violation"


I've been threatened for not wearing my shoes when doing rack pulls deads or squats


Sorry but sounds like you deserved that one. =/


You broke a rule. You got away with it for some time, but you still broke a rule.

If you can't follow gym rules, get a home gym.


Actually, I agree with him. If there were a whole bunch of other people not following the dress code, they should have been kicked out, too. At the very least everyone should have been warned if they don't follow the dress code from now on, they will be refused entrance. If you're going to suddenly decide to enforce a rule, then it needs to be enforced on everyone.


they are racist, sue them.


Sure you wern't dressed more like this?


I'll remember that if I ever get pulled over for speeding. "Well, officer, everyone else was going that speed, so if I am getting a ticket, you should enforce it upon everyone else too."

Why would they need to be warned? I'm sure that when they signed the contract for gym membership, one of the agreements was to follow gym rules.


The day manager is probably banging the mindless slut, or wants to, and was using you to show what a hard case he is.

Shave your head, grow a goatee but die it white with a black stripe straight down from the mouth. Get a T-shirt that says something, "Kill or Be Killed" or something like that. Put on some Doc Martens (steel toes a must) and some grimy old bluejeans. NOW go work out. No one will bother you and women will drool all over you.


rofl....oh shit! thanks for makin me laugh man


Dress in like checkered shorts, pink dress shirt with popped collar, spiked hair, gold necklace, sandals, wear a watch that is way to big for your wrist, as well have sunglasses on the back of your head. I bet the new receptionist will offer you gum instead of cutting your attire down :wink:




curls in the squat rack too

cha bro


she understands!

I do think the receptionist is just trying to show the bosses that she is a good employee though...I think I overreacted a little bit...but still


I'm just pointing out it sounds like he was somewhat profiled. Maybe it IS because he looks more like the Count from Sesame Street, or looks too goth or different in other ways, but his outfit of hoodie, tank, cargo pants, was not objectionable, especially if there were others who were dressed similarly. All this is being said without knowing what Rockula actually looks like, of course, just based on his workout attire.


The girl was black, I'm half black


These are two different environments.

If there's a dress code at ANY place of business, then it should be enforced across the board. Otherwise, lawsuits can be filed for discrimination.

Whoever breaks the rules deserves at least a warning or leave the premises. That goes for EVERYBODY.


And that explains everything....you're not real black...you're fake black... :wink:


Do it dude!!! Just make sure your choice of "kill or be killed" t-shirt is not an Affliction t-shirt. That shit is ugly!


Have you ever tried ignoring them? I've been asked to leave many places, including a few gyms. If you just ignore them and go about your day I guarantee you they will do nothing. I have never been forcibly removed from anywhere and a gym isn't going to call the cops on you for dress code.

Yes this is a dick move, but you obviously were being singled out, so fuck them.