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Words of Wisdom from Non Beginners (Things We Wish We Knew)

That and powerlifting. It does really help getting strong, it’s just not worth it for me.

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Ah gotcha, you mean risk vs reward of working up near max effort all the time.

I agree, unless youre hell bent on competing youd be better off from both a injury/wear and tear POV working hard in the 3-12 rep range, its also better from a hypertrophy/aesthetic POV.

Good point my man (if thats what you meant).

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I more mean gaining weight to get stronger. I and most others can gain pure fat, and get stronger. Better leverages, compression of the joints and muscles, lower rom.

But I’d rather be a bit weaker and lean. I don’t think maxing it all the time is good, but I do like lifting heavy. I use all sorts of rep ranges for different goals.

Word to live by 100%. Super strong =/= healthy

I wish my 22 year old dumb ass understood that but … EGO BRAH

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In no particular order:

  • Only compete with yourself.
  • Strive to establish perfect, strict form.
  • Eat 3 bigger meals and 2-3 smaller meals a day.
  • Learn to balance frequency, intensity and volume.
  • Focus on quality workouts instead of quantity (focus on training - NOT the phone).
  • Be curious, try different programs and approaches in order to learn what you respond to AND to resist adaptation.
  • Don’t forget high rep workouts for added stimulus and to keep some muscular conditioning.
  • Ask questions, read books, learn from more experienced lifters.
  • Log your workouts.
  • Don’t wait 20 years to try HIT - you may be a responder.
  • Start with basic compound movements, learn to master them.
  • Lifting is a lifelong journey. What do you need to keep consistency? Develop working strategies.
  • Do other things in life to not get OCD about training.
  • Respect the need for rest to grow properly.

Its easy to get stronger - just lift heavy things until they are not heavy anymore.
Food / recovery is as important as the rest.

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First and foremost: be honest with yourself about your goals. Do you want to compete in something? Do you want to dance at your granddaughters wedding? Do you want to take your shirt off at the beach to show off? Are you just trying to get more girls into bed?

All of these are valid goals, but be honest with yourself about which one is the real reason, because if you want real results, you’re going to have to work hard for a long time, best make sure your ladders up against the right tree.

Also, because this can’t be repeated enough, time, effort and consistency will matter far more than anything else. And since consistency is just effort applied over time, you could say effort and time are the two keys.