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Words of Wisdom from Non Beginners (Things We Wish We Knew)

  1. Rome wasnt built in a day - gaining size and strength takes time, lots of it. The guys youre following on IG have been at it for years.

  2. Dont dirty bulk unless youve done blood work even then eat healthy or youll end up with hypertension, diabetes etc etc

  3. Dont compare yourself with others, you can only work on you so why bother with them?

Please add to this my fellow dinosaurs

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Stop curling in the fucking power rack.

Actually use the power racks for power lifts. Strange concept, right?

If you aren’t tracking your training weights/reps, you’re doing it wrong

If you think you just have shit genetics, but also eat cool whip for breakfast… you don’t have shit genetics

If you think everyone bigger/stronger than you is on steroids, its because you’re being a weak bitch and haven’t broken a sweat in the gym yet.

If you think its time for steroids, you’re wrong.


Aint a damn thing like tough love brother I love it! BTW WTF is Cool whip?

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Big one for me was Dan John’s “everything works” spiel
-basically almost every and any program fad/exercise etc can work for couple weeks no matter how dumbass. …And every program no matter how good will stop working after say 8-12 weeks
( without a good amount of built in change)

Really look at your sleep setup and pay attention to foods/habits that help or irritate your sleep

Reeeealy look after your knees.

Most of these 40 tips. At least half I had to learn the hard way…


Just to add to what my bro has said about breaking a sweat, 90% of the folk at my gym dont seem to sweat. Im drenched by my first working set, I thought I had something wrong with me then I realised they arent doing shit but talking about BS.

Quick chats are cool, discussing the latest haircut your Pomeranian toy dog just got for 30mins isnt. Some old guy like me just might lose his shit.


Its a bit of an inside joke about a previous poster that has gone different ways. Cool whip is like whipped cream but slightly more dense and it doesn’t come from a can… you’re not missing anything tbh.

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Another one I wish I had taken on board. Do everything you can to prevent injuries.

I know you wont listen to this in your teens or 20’s since you bounce back from everything but TRUST me the stupid shit I did like not warming and going straight into heavy sets and jumping out of the back of the work truck onto concrete with 50KG cement bags on my shoulders has really caught up with me.

Sure it wont hurt you YET, youre invincible and bullet proof now no doubt but imagine how stupid you will feel post 40 when you cant squat or DL for months of the year purely due to being a tard 20 years ago. Im really regretting it and im sure im not alone here.

Edit - sorry I know this is for beginners but I assume the more mature beginners already knows this the hard way.

  • It’s OK if your goals are vanity focused. Train accordingly.
  • Stay the fuck away from Starting Strength.
  • Learn how to do a full range goblet squat before trying BB squats.
  • Learn how to do a proper KB swing and RDL before pulling anything up off the floor.
  • Learn how to do a full range DB press before doing BB bench press.

What? you mean being a cynical old bastard who loves providing deeply penetrating insights into the plainly obvious + pretending a good morning is a squat isnt the be all and end all of strength training?


If you’re creating a thread asking for a workout critique then the workout isn’t the problem

The problem is that you’re not working brutally hard.


I am not sure about that. Sure I was not a complete beginner when I started the program, but the program brought me the best results I have ever accomplished. The problem though is too much squatting and you hate yourself and the gym after 2-3 months on it. It is really a hard one if you do try to progress on it. It is really a lot of volume and you indeed may need up to 5 min rests between sets.

You can deadlift with a rounded back.

Your knees can go over your toes.

I’ve got a bunch more stuff, like don’t waste so long doing tricep kickbacks thinking they’re doing anything, cause they suck, but really, those first two things could have saved me from a lot of pain over the years. It’s too bad that have a ramrod straight/arched back on deadlifts with a low hip position, and don’t ever let your knees go over your toes on squats, were two of the first things I read on the internet when I started working out at 18, and treated them like gospel for the next several years.


5 years of lifting at an average of 1 back tweak/injury every 3 months can be attributed to these two points for me…

My favorites:

Powerlifting strength is cool, real-life strength is badass

Do pull ups and rows, prioritize them as much as the big barbell lifts and higher than curls

Cardio is good in all phases of lifting…hypertension at 23 sucked

Low carb and anxiety DO NOT MIX

Meat, fruits, and vegetables are the basis of every healthy eating program

Lift things that aren’t dumbbells/barbells

Very few people are capable of creating their own programming and finding long term success

Hanging leg lifts are magic for spine health


Cool THread!

  1. rest between sets when trying to build strength
  2. Do single leg work
  3. There is such thing as too much protein
  4. upper body lifts respond well to frequency
  5. Try new things

Eat to support training: not the other way around.

Your conditioning sucks. Fix it.


Don’t start smoking cigarettes back in 1994.

Don’t wait until 2013 to start lifting weights.


Need to add another one:

Running WILL NOT make your dick fall off. Seriously. It’s a good idea.

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The basic big lifts must be done to grow a foundation. Or you can do “pretty boy” isolation exercises watching yourself in the mirror. If you’re just doing “pretty boy” exercises, you really don’t need a mirror. You’ll look the same two years from now.


That I absolutely will not look like a IFBB pro if I were to take the shit they are on. Not even close. I don’t take nearly that amount of drugs, but my experience with steroids has convinced me that they are almost a different species than I am.

Also, there are other ways to get strong aside from becoming obese.


I dont get this one, are you referring to the fat fucks in the super heavy strong man category?