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Word On Diet Soda ?


i'm wondering what the prevailing informed opinion is on diet soda . . .

can it be used to hydrate ? any negative catabolic effects ?

i know it changes the Ph balance in your mouth and it may not be altogether friendly for dental hygiene for that reason mostly.

but i don't drink the stuff often. usually only on weekends (sat and/or sun) at the movies. so what does everyone think ? thanks.


Search engine use you must...


From a health standpoint it just makes sense to go with water. That being said, if you really need it, having it occasionally won't be the thing that kills you.

Just realize that the high phosphorous content can tend to throw our calcium to phosphorous ratios out of whack, possibly worsening bone density.


IS that Yoda or Whitman?


I have my opinions about diet soda,but one won't kill you.However,don't drink too much.The sodium in it can really bloat you,lol.


I was going for Yoda.

This is discussed quite often... with forays into sweeteners and Mercola and on and on and on.


Here's a perspective for ya

A billboard right outside Dallas that has five cupcakes equaling one diet Dr. Pepper. God damn, I wish I had my camera when I saw that.


Whenever I can choose, I drink a natural juice or green tea. Plain water works pretty well too.

Soda is something that I drink only when I don't have a choice, which happens very rarely.


Natural Juice? I'd rather drink diet soft drink (that's right soft drink ya yankies) than juice.

Just because the sugar comes from oranges doesn't make it any less sugary. It's like taking fruit and turning it into candy.


You'd need to drink a ton of diet soda or be on a severely sodium restricted diet to get bloated from them.

Unless you're getting ready for a photo shoot or bodybuilding competition, there's really no reason to be overly concerned with sodium intake.


Why would anyone "need" soda; diet or not?



Because some people feel they "need" it. I guess I used the wrong word.

For example, I like to have a Ben and Jerry's Half Baked sometimes, and anyone that says I can't have it, that advice will just go in one ear and out the other. Sometimes we just have to find the balance in life that makes us happy.

To tell someone they can never have soda when they enjoy it, well I'd rather them have a diet than a regular.


I can understand that. Just that using a definitive word like "need" threw me off, but I get what you're saying.


I'd avoid it based on aspartame alone. Aspartame can fuck with your brain and that's a bad thing.


the search engine button is disabled in my browser. i dont know why. maybe an applet bug.


the fruit sugar is besides the point in eating an orange or drinking orange juice.

i think there are benefits to eating sugar or taking in a vitamin from a natural source than from a processed or an artifical one.


how is that possible when the sugar has been replaced in diet soda ? five cupcakes , on their sugar content only, would be around 100 calories, whereas a diet soda has near zero calories.

the ad may have been a parody or something.


yes, i do feel a bit bloated afterwards. the resulting flab is very disconcerting.

i have a thin frame and any new weight will usually show as flab because i am not very productive managing and converting the calories into muscle or sweating them away. its extremely difficult for me to find the right balance. so its apropo that i worry about the effects of a zero calorie drink.

1'm 6 ft and weigh 210-215, but i certainly dont look it. i wonder where all the weight is. '


this weekend i managed to go with water at the movies and felt better about the moral victory. hopefully my body will show the added benefits over time.

but does diet soda hydrate as well as water ?

basically does any carbonated water provide the same benefits as tap or spring water ?