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Word of the Year: Belonephobia

Well you learn something everyday. Today I learned the word belonephobia; which I share with everyone here. Never heard it before. I assure everyone we are going to be seeing this word pop up lots especially in all the oral only cycle threads. In fact, Im making it my word of the year for 2010 :wink:

Haha couldn’t have been better timing saps, as i just commented on an oral only cycle. The OP asked we didn’t push the injectable so I didn’t but if I would have had this word I may have used it

I know it was that thread that spurned me on to find this. But I didnt wanna throw it right in his face since Im a recovering belonephobic myself. Im not looking to condescend to people. The fact that this word actually exists clearly indicates the reality of this fear, which again I readily admit I used to suffer from myself. Hopefully we can be part of the cure for belonephobia.

Agreed. Admittedly I had the same problem as I’m sure about 75% of people do (which is why I tried to help without pushing that issue for now).

Oh absolutely. I joined a medical study a few years back where you had blood drawn 19 times over the course of a saturday and sunday morning. At that point I was still terrified of needles, I would sweat terribly everytime these people came around. And it was for two weekends. It paid me $900 so it kinda forced me out of the belonephobia. I don’t love sticking myself everyday by any means but I’m not scared to do it either.

I don’t think I would be using AAS today if it weren’t for that.

[quote]tw2battl2 wrote:
I don’t think I would be using AAS today if it weren’t for that.[/quote]

Confronting your fears is a great way to develop character, my man, well done.

I did the same sort of thing to cure my fear of heights - I went to an indoor climbing centre in Christchurch NZ, and forced myself to go upwards. Actually, the climbing wasn’t so hard…(because you are looking up and in front, not down). It was having to let go at the top of the wall (60ft or so I guess, not exactly mountainous, but more than high enough for me, ha) so that you could be belayed down again. Having to put your trust in someone you’ve only just met, not to drop you into the floor, is intense!.

I also did a series of 3 bungee jumps whilst in NZ. However I missed the first one through timing issues and so had to start with the second jump - the worlds highest (at the time). Talk about a baptism of fire!

Then I capped my ‘auto-therapy’ of a couple of years later with a skydive. I was shitting myself until I suddenly thought “Today is the day I die.” Which oddly brought a wave of calmness over me (I don’t fear death apparently) and left me super-chilled. My HR even went down to 44bpm, having a snooze, 20 minutes before the jump.


Cool name. Kinda hard to pronounce at the moment, though. I keep saying beleno instead of belone when reading it. Belonephobia, also sounds like phobia of being alone. Belone.

I still get freaked when someone has to draw blood, and occasionally when a nurse pins me. But I don’t have much trouble pinning myself anymore. ALthough I dunno if I could do the dart method, I prefer a slower entry…

I like the needle, like a daily vitamin…shit I have to wait like 2 momths til I can stab again