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We’ve been over this here at TN, but let’s go one more time. It’s an asshole move to walk through a door and let it shut behind you without any concern for the person behind you, whether you’re male or female and regardless of the gender or orientation of the person behind you. It’s also an asshole move to think that someone who politely lets you precede them is trying to keep you down or obligate you to sex for the favor.

Also…show of hands if you’ve ever tried to open a door in front of a guy and found it really hard to open because of some sort of airlock or just really heavy and gotten sort of rag-doll jerked back in when it didn’t open and then had to brace yourself to get the motherfucker open…


Hey @The_Myth, if your doctor is willing to let you self inject, are they considering giving you some Arimidex? A half milligram a day should knock out any minor problems with E2. You may want to ask, just in case. Moobs are not cool on anybody.


Carl Jung is underrated. He was a crazy genius.


I am nice as shit in that respect, if I do accidentally let a door slip, I always apologize.


I am the proverbial unicorn - my E2 is right in the sweet spot normally. I use 250mg of Grape Seed Extract and have no need for an AI. When E2 creeps, I reduce my T dosage and go to 2x weekly injections.

Typically I am blood tested every 12 weeks so I have a pretty good handle on it.


Interesting. Do you think that Grape Seed extract really works? I am a little skiddish on herbs because I have heard many claims that never really quite panned out. I am big fan of Saw Palmetto though, that one does work wonders. But you have to get a good brand. You don’t want the twigs and branches…


I recommend one of these.


I remember when I first came across him as a young undergrad. The whole idea of archetypes that appear across cultures, in various mythologies, in literature, in religious traditions, just blew my mind.

Pat, I was thinking about this. As Christians it makes sense that we’d relate more to Jung than Freud. Freud isn’t entirely negative on religion, but we think about him talking about it as a neurosis, or about religion as illusion and delusion.

Jung had a lot more to say about religious experience, seeing it in a more positive way as a part of the human collective unconscious, looking at the universal threads, things religions have in common, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Gnosticism. And he tends to be more positive, less about pathology and neurosis. I like that about him.

About my interest in psychology when I was younger. Some of this same WooWoo stuff, psychoanalysis in particular, began to turn me off. There are some pretty wild things under the psychology umbrella. Not talking about Jungian therapists in specific, but there are some pretty out there people, with no basis in science, and with some of these therapies, there’s a very real potential to actually do harm.


It could be snake oil, but either that has kept mine down, or I am a unicorn. I also learned the hard way that I am an over responder to Adex, so the Grape Seed may be particularly effective for me compared to others.

There are a few other tricks as well - breaking up the injections, as mentioned, and some theorize that subq absorbs slower lowering aromatization.


This fascinates, as I am sure you know, and one of the reasons I am such a fan of Joseph Campbell.

Vogler converted the Hero’s Journey into almost a religion for himself, and that dude Anthony, my breath work guy, follows this idea as well. When shit gets dark, if you just realize that you are on that part of the journey, it makes it easier to face your dragons.



I haven’t read The Hero With a Thousand Faces, but I’m very familiar with the ideas.

I like this so much. It’s a very healthy way to think about any of life’s challenges, setbacks, difficulties, suffering.

Also, I like the idea that one day we’ll look back on our lives, like we’re watching a movie. If nothing challenging or really difficult ever happened, you’d feel like you were ripped off. That would be a boring film, nobody would watch. No action. There would be no opportunity to grow or to “be the hero of your own life.” We don’t admire someone who has lived a really easy life where everything was handed to them, everything was easy (I’m not sure there is such thing because we all have to deal with the issues of mortality, but you get the idea). We do admire people who have lived through hardship and born it well, who are able to stand up and do the difficult thing with courage or integrity.

For anyone following the thread who isn’t familiar with what we’re talking about, this is an animated short about Campbell and The Hero’s Journey.

Edited to say: There’s a lot more to say about the female heroic archetype. She may not go on the big quest, but maybe more often her quest finds her where she stands. The war widow. Or maybe she is asked to sacrifice the ones she loves most, often a husband or child(ren). Think of the Mary and Christ story. The ordinary mother who sacrifices to raise children, as a transformative journey. It’s a big topic, but I’m interested in female archetypes, and how they are the same and different. I don’t always like it when they make a female hero who is just like a man, wielding the sword, etc…


This is a tangent, @The_Myth. With regard to the female hero above.

I loved this scene in the books. But I don’t think we always need to show the female hero in the warrior role. I think it’s a reaction to always showing women in a supporting role, or as a princess. IMO, we can have gentleness or the wise old woman. She doesn’t have to be Zena.


Back to WooWOo


Regarding that linen kaftan, and WooWoo apparel that would help @Basement_Gainz fly under the radar …

I noticed @bulldog9899 has a thread about how he can’t get his shoulders into a suit.
Do you guys think the kaftan idea would solve his sartorial problems?


You can always tell that things are gonna get weird in a movie when someone walks into the scene wearing one of those.

I’m not nearly at enough ease with myself to wear one.


Yeah. It also comes in a stripe, which may be more your style.

I was thinking it would make a good cloaking device. Pun intended, for people like Gains. You put that on, and nobody assumes you’rer a Regan Republican. Your risk of getting kicked of the WooWoo thread just dropped to zero.

I suspect @bulldog9899 would just flex himself out of it.


I like scenes where the woman has as much or more grit and willpower than the male lead. Maybe I just really like feisty women. Haha.



LOL…now for clarification , getting jacket to fit the upper body isnt a issue. But pretty sure off the rack they are ment for someone with more girth in the middle…


I had never seen that Hulk Hogan clip. Lol. Got it. I do think the kaftan idea is awesome, although people might get the wrong idea if you wear it to church.

@ Jackets. Gotcha. Bulldog, I feel your pain. Last time I bought a tailored jacket, the 0P sleeves were a little tight… so, you know things are getting pretty serious.


Honestly, when first studying these guys I liked Freud’s more strait forward approach than Jung’s. But, as time went on, I grew to appreciate Jung’s vast knowledge and his ‘Renaissance Man’ approach.
In the end, really Jung was\ is harder to study. He is more detailed and multifaceted in his approach. I didn’t consider the religious factor as much as the science factor.
As I went through my courses, I figured out the whole system is rigged. The APA is the gestapo and you best not cross them or your career is over.

You cannot\ better not examine human sexuality in a scientific way, it must be political. I was to close to graduating to quit, but I bravely ran away when that day hit. I lied my ass off about my personal feelings because I wasn’t in for a fight, I wanted my paper.

Sadly, it’s a game and not in a fun or funny way. You cannot approach science in a scientific manner without all sorts of politics in your way to trip you up.
It’s why Charles Murray has all been banished in the community. He upset the apple cart. But he never made any claims outside what the numbers said, and didn’t read anything into the numbers. He reported the news, he didn’t make it. For that, they tied him to the post and brought the torches out.

I Hope my Kids have Professors Like This: Freedom and Dissent

That’s covering a lot of ground, but if I get a chance later I will quote and respond to you in my old College thread.

I don’t want to derail the WooWoo thread with partisan political talk. This isn’t a fast or easy response because there’s a lot of nuance there, or points of sort of partial agreement, some disagreement, and some clarification.

I feel like I could compose a series of short essays. :slight_smile: