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Yes, theoretically. I’ve been blessed with no real problems. I struggle with E2 on occasion, but otherwise, problem free.


Oh, that made my day. Wonderful! WooWoo stuff aside, these are the experiences that tend to give life profound meaning and purpose, make us feel like it’s worth it.

@ smashing his kindergarten evaluation… Mine is on a high from finishing a grueling three-hour essay exam for Nuclear Politics and his Russian final, so… Parallel lives, but forwarded about 15 years. I’ll only have him at home for three weeks between now and Christmas, which is harshing my mellow a little bit. Just a warning, these boys turn into men.


Only when raised by decent humans.


I like quiet. Stillness. I have a thick rug in my master bedroom in front of some french doors. I usually close my eyes, but I sometimes look into my backyard. I attended a meditation group outside, and it’s a little difficult to get used to street sounds, but I was able to tune them out, let them fade into the background. The beach is great for me. The repetitive sound of waves, and an awe-inspiring place.

If anyone here is trying to start a practice, there are meditation Apps for your phone. Some of them are specific to things like dismissing anxious thinking. And this is a very basic article on getting started. It has a few short guided meditations to try. I taught a basic class on how to meditate and I used the 4 minute one.


I’m interested.

I’ve been to a couple of classes where they did “vase” breathing. As in your torso is like a vase, deep breathing down into the bottom, diaphragm. Also some breathing techniques with multiple exhales, sometimes with one nostril closed. I just felt like it was really difficult, but I’m a beginner.

I will look. Thanks. I’m not interested in sensory deprivation or psychedelics for myself, but some of the research is fascinating. I had no idea that meditation and psychedelics had anything in common. This has been a fun thread, and I’ve learned some things.

About 13 minutes of JP talking about research on psychedelics, and altered states of consciousness. I’m WAY hesitant, fearful of drugs, but this is fascinating.

@The_Myth, sorry to turn this into a magic mushroom thread! I want to hear about what you’re doing with breath work.

Edited to say: That clip is from his Biblical Lecture series, and I want to make time to watch them all. That’s from, Biblical Series VIII: The Phenomenology of the Divine.


Those with allergies are the real pros


It’s really good stuff. Like meditation on steroids.

I’m not familiar with this, but there are many different types of breath work - transformational, holotropic, rebirthing, etc…

There isn’t a huge difference, but the main idea of alchemy of breath is continued connected deep breathing to music. It sounds a little woo, but it really isn’t.

You should do a free breathe on Sundays. They are free for anybody. Anthony is just trying to change the world (sounds cultish).

This is pranayama breathing. The idea is that the left side of your brain is the feminine, and the right is the masculine. So breathing through your right nostril activates energy (masculine), and breathing through your left activates creativity (feminine).

A breath work session for me is about half an hour. Most of the sessions are an hour, but I can’t go that long. I get really emotional and need to take a break.

The free Sunday sessions are half an hour. You need Zoom, and to register. They do send you some email, but it’s not a spamathon.

If you’re interested, let me know.

I also want to do it myself via Zoom.

Basically, it’s an hour of continuous connected breath to music. It builds for the first half hour, then slowly slides down.

Having an intention is good, but Anthony kind of sets that before the session.

Buteyko breath work has been helpful for many with allergies.


So, I’m not sure what you experienced. Zoom is free, the webinar is free.

The webinars are live, but if you take a class they do record them and you can watch them later.

The webinars are not recorded, something about liability.

Was that a Zoom shop? I am not familiar with their prices - the basic Zoom you need is free.

What site are you talking about? Is that Zoom or some other site?


Thank you. I’ll poke around his website a bit.

I watched a couple of his short video clips on youtube this morning. So he’s a hypnotherapist, and is into Carl Jung, and then he got really into yoga and meditation and variations on these breathing techniques. Lots of topics, from stress or anxiety relief to relationships, to people seeking the spiritual. I watched a short clip on intimacy, where he’s talking with his partner - woowoo. lol. He points out that you find breathing techniques/ some kind of meditative practice in so many faith traditions.

I will say, it’s a bit hard for me to relate to people like this. He’s so gentle and soft-spoken, but also just WAY out of the norm for anyone in my faith tradition, or from my culture. I think that would be true of most of us, and maybe more so for men who are going to see him as WAY more in touch with his feelings than we’re comfortable with. Does that make sense? I think that’s what you were trying to say when you talked about your upbringing. Nothing about it that would resemble the way this guy thinks and talks.

Unrelated, but this topic made me think of this.

This is Canadian poet, Tanya Davis. I really, really like her. @The_Myth, since you’ve recently come out of a serious relationship, and you’re a writer and a creative person, this is very sweet. This was my first exposure to her. She’s also a folk singer, and has a couple of folk albums.

And this one more to topic. If you go to minute marker 11:40 to 18:09, she has a poem about leaving her Catholic faith, what she’s missed about that, and then the searching for community, going on a spiritual quest. A bit about atheism, and Buddhism. @twojarslave, you might like it. It starts out a bit flip, she sounds like she’s making fun a bit, but be patient. The tone changes, and I found it really touching.

The whole reading is good. Before that poem about religion, she does one about polyamory. That should get everyone’s attention. Lol.


Polyamory is just wrong!

It should be multiamory or polyphilia. (Not my dumb joke…)


Yeah. Lol. Not my thing, to put it mildly. But, maybe another meaning of WooWoo stuff. WAY WOOOOOwhooooo! ?!?!!
That part is at minute marker 7:40. It’s a pretty good poem. She knows how to be funny, and touching at the same time.


Lol. He’s Italian (probably Catholic originally), raised in London, and lived in the US for a decade or so - arguably from your culture.

I will tell you this - he is a gentle dude for sure. But, he also curses, calls you brother (like a gym bro), and is great at holding space. I think the mellowness has been a long time coming. And it is way different than what I grew up with.


Yeah, sharing is all well and good. But I’m not sharing spouses. Call me old fashioned.

The entire concept just seems like misogyny and having multiple subjugated wives… with a new-agy spin on it.


@Basement_Gainz striking a blow against the Patriarchy. Preach, brother!


I think you just crossed over into Conservative, closed-minded status. See below.

Be very careful, with that attitude, @Basement_Gainz . It would be a shame to see you to get kicked off the WooWoo Stuff thread. :wink:

In all seriousness, I watched that JP video about the research on psychedelics. Apparently, when they looked at personality after people had a psilocybin-induced mystical experience, they had moved a whole standard deviation toward being MORE OPEN. And this was a long-term change in personality. That’s a major trait. I’m not sure I want to be more open about everything. Would that be a good thing? It seems that some people get off on some very strange paths.


you’re so open minded your brain fell out

couldn’t resist xD


Yeah. I was thinking about this. Please pardon the politics in this forum.

Excerpt below from an article in Forbes, but he’s talking about J. Haidt’s research on personality and politics. I have taken the Big Five, and I’m already quite high in Openness.

"The evidence that ideological dispositions reflect personality is pretty good. The gist of Jost et al’s study correlating Big Five personality traits to ideology is that “openness to experience” (liberals are) and “conscientiousness” (conservatives have lots of it) are where the action is. “In general, liberals are more open-minded, creative, curious, and novelty seeking, whereas conservatives are more orderly, conventional, and better organized.”

How do libertarians fit into this? Is there a distinctively libertarian psychological profile? Yes. Haidt et al find that libertarians are pretty much exceptionally thinky liberals with a bit of a sympathy deficit who care a lot about autonomy (my gloss, not theirs). In terms of the Big Five?

Libertarians scored lower than the other two groups on agreeableness, conscientiousness, and extraversion. They scored low (similar to conservatives) on Neuroticism, and they scored quite high (similar to liberals) on Openness to Experience.

If Jost et al are right, Neuroticism (emotional stability) doesn’t significantly distinguish conservatives from liberals, so don’t get hung up on Neuroticism. In terms of the dimensions of personality that distinguish liberals from conservatives, Openness and Conscientiousness, libertarians look like low-Conscientiousness liberals."


Haha. I would get kicked out of SJW meetings so fast. I’d call a meeting so we could better define misogyny:

Holding the door for women = misogyny.

“Would you like to be a member of my harem…? Whoops, I meant to say join my polyamorous marriage?” = not misogyny

“Here read this book. It’s about a rich man with power over a young lady who beats her to satisfy his kink. It’s the best selling paperback of all time.” = not misogyny

“Powerful guy in NY hits women to fulfill his kink in real life.” = misogyny

I’m so confused.


It’s no use pretending you weren’t being a women’s rights activist. It’s too late now, we all know differently. Thank you for your support!


Its one of my petty guilty pleasures, but I love holding the door for tubby blue haired sjws.

They never actually get mad though. I almost always get the demure smile/nod. I’m starting to think maybe I’ve been duped!