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I have been a member of a team of 5-10 therapists three times now, and as I’ve looked around at my peers there has consistently been one or two that I could see working with myself, even if I may have respected others as bringing something of value to the team. In my office now there are three of us and I can tell you that there is a difference in the clients that will succeed with each of us, though some people may struggle along with the wrong person without realizing how much further they may have gotten with the right one. When I think about differences between the one I’ve worked with longest, E, I frame it as that I am an agent of change, while she is an agent of acceptance. We’ve had some patient flow back and forth, and the people who come to me after seeing her always say something along the lines of “I mean, she’s nice, but…” They’re bored, seems to be the thing. I know the people who’ve had the nerve to call to say they need to cancel a second appointment with me and accept the referral to her (I always offer that we’re very different and I think it might work for them) seem to like her. They’re a type, too. Timid, possibly woo (sorry!) and simply overwhelmed by my energy and questions - as E is! I asked her about a client the other day and got this nervous “oh! I don’t know, I hadn’t really thought about it.” (I’m standing there, giving her time to think about it.) “I guess…no, I don’t know. You just…always have questions!” Which is fair, but it’s because I largely ignore her unless I have a specific need, which generally comes in the form of a question. And it always makes her react as if I’ve pulled a gun on her, even though I swear to God I’m polite and pleasant.

So that would seem to support your statement, but on the other hand people’s energy will not successfully pull an exciting exploration of one’s internal landscape from E, nor pull whatever she’s doing in there (her case notes seem to focus on things like “honoring her role as mother”) from me, because why not work on being a good mother if the client has anxiety around her mothering? So at the end of the day, the client’s energy will determine whether they have success with me or with E, but their energy won’t make me acceptance or her change, though of course we’re both competent, so there is overlap and more than one way to get to “better.”

I will agree that I move at different paces with different people and focus myself differently depending on need and ability, but…some of them might do better with a better match. Our newest therapist is “green,” but also seems not to be as bright as one would like. She would be a good match for people who need coping strategies rather than insight. Clear, simple - she’s working with worksheets she printed off the internet. Clients who can’t follow talk alone and don’t want to hear me quote Mark Twain on anger or Hillel the Elder on self-responsibility would be happy with that, and would be helped. I should probably do more of it with my less insightful people. I tend to forget they’re there except as props to talk about.


I have wicked bad nightmares many nights.
Even when not nightmares I have extremely vivid dreams, like indistinguishable from reality dreams. I would call them hallucinations for sure. They do not occur in twilight, I am deeply out. There are many times I wake up and do not know if I am awake or not.
The really weird ones are the dreams inside of dreams, inside of dreams. Where I wake up in a dream, but I am still sleeping, but in my dream I was asleep and woke up. I have had it go 3 levels’ deep.
But I have also had spectacular visions, that if I could only draw them, they would be amazing.


Childhood religion is more like a roller coaster carriage that carries you to the top of the hill. At some point it has to become your journey, your story, your relationship with the great unknown.
You can choose to fester at the ground level, believing everything is material\ chemical, or you can move beyond that and recognize that even material and chemicals are nothing but states of energy themselves and there is a bigger story to not only how we got to where we are, but why anything is… at all.


I don’t know how you relate to people, but most of the big conversations, I never have with the sweaty masses. So I don’t have a problem relating to people.
I don’t know how you relate to people, but all I can advise is don’t be weird. Not every conversation is a matter of huge consequence especially in people’s lives.
Second, being right, every second of everyday is not required. Let shit slide. Most of it’s bullshit anyway.
That’s what I read into your post. I apologize if I am not correct in my perceptions.


I always knew you were nutty as a fruit cake! :tongue:



Pleasant, polite, and compelling.


Yeah, but I’m pleasant AF!


I bet you fart…


Lower-case buckwheat woo, pictured below.

Hey, I should write a woo haiku.
One year I did our family Christmas card in really bad haiku. It was a hit.

If you own one of these beauties, that’s serious.
Double WOO WOO.


I’m thinking about going WOO WOO.
Maybe for Mother’s Day.


That seat thingy has clears my mind completely except for One thing.


I have a Himilayan Salt lamp. I’m not really sure if it has purified my bedroom. That would be a tall order for any kind of lamp. I do know that I like glowing rocks, so I feel pretty good about going with a woo-based lighting concept.



Damn, that’s fun to say. If I ever form a band (admittedly unlikely at this juncture), I now know what I’m going to call it.


Yeah, I don’t think you took my post the intended way.

I wasn’t referencing any of that at all.


One of my brothers had a black light. I’m older than you, but do you remember those black light posters? I think those might fall under WooWoo Stuff for the Home.

He was pretty into Led Zeppelin around that time. I don’t know what kind of music goes with the salt lamp. I’ve never smoked weed and my knowledge of WooWoo decor is fairly limited.

I think those beaded door curtains are pretty Woo. They’re sort of a door, but it’s an illusion because you can see through it, or walk through it. That’s deep when you think about it. They’re not very private, so I wouldn’t put one in the bathroom, but I’m probably less Woo than some chicks.

Right? And guess what the meditation pillow is called? A zafu. I like to write poetry, but I’m more of a free verse person, so… you can totally use that one for your band if you want. A lot of guys can play Stairway to Heaven, but you could probably get some Led Zeppelin hair going. That’s not true for everybody.


Of course! As a matter of fact, the bar I used to bounce at has a black light party every year. Tons of fun!


They say men are always thinking about One thing, but nobody ever told me what it is so I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. You perv.


(Picture for illustrative purposes only)

I used to collect these for fun. All blessed by Holy Men/Charlatans. Even had a God of Fighting that Muay Thai fighters and youth gang members would supposedly pray to and go into a trance before a fight lol.


Van Damme used to do that and it worked!



Yeah it worked really well!


I’m curious about how you say WooWoo.

Is it two distinct words? Like to “woo the lady next door” said twice

Or like spooky ghost: WooOoOoWooOoOoOo

Or perhaps like the first two sounds (or third on its own) this walrus makes (I assume this until told otherwise)