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This will not be flame free… There are those that HATE and I do mean HATE a kind of religiousness. They are under some impression that we try to shove it down their throat, even if we just share a personal experience. And we are called all kinds of names.

It’s not all WooWoo and fun. You get out of spirituality and\ or faith what you put in and sometimes it’s hard and sometimes it sucks. It’s not unicorns and rainbows, it’s hard work. It’s dirty and nasty and you screw up constantly, but you don’t quit.
Anybody sitting around waiting for the miracle that finally convinces them will never see it. Put your work in. I won’t tell you what to do, unless you have a question.
But read, question, and think. That’s my $.02.


I hope you are able to complete your healing process. PTSD is a torment. I don’t have it, but I have seen it and it ain’t pretty.


I have never seen one, but I heard they are very bizarre when they do happen. That being said, they are exceptionally rare.
With my luck, the demons would jump right into me. Then I’d stick bananas up my ass and throw them at people while running around but naked.


Sorry it took me so long to reply, but I had a completely different idea of what this was about


Anyway, regarding this

Mine is an easy trick; I’m not woke, I’m a misanthrope with propensities toward nihilism. I don’t care what others think about me because I don’t care what others think about anything. My grandfather always said “Look at what 95% of the population is doing and do the exact opposite”, so I come from a long line of misanthropes. How/why we continue to reproduce remains a mystery.

I don’t think this is the path you’re wanting to travel down though, based off what you’ve written. Resenting humanity is pretty easy.


Effective = woke.

Resenting humanity certainly replicates not being attached, so I guess it’s a spiritual bypass, lol.


Dad? I didn’t know you posted here.


I feel less alone now, going back to my corner


It’s nothing compared to what my grafather had. He was an electrical engineer and didn’t go to wwII because he was needed at his plant. He was on the company’s baseball team and was sitting in the back of the bus where they could sleep. His best friend asked him if he could swap places cuz was tired. My grandfather went to front of bus and sat down. A few minutes later they got into an accident and my grandfather was the only one who survived. He had to go to work the next day and the day after and people weren’t helped with it back then. It ate him up for a few years and finally he got on some meds back then they made him so medicated, all he could do was change lightbulbs.


No it really isn’t. That’s part of the reason I don’t sleep much because my subconscious takes over and have night terrors.


That’s when going to the Dr was cool. "Smoke, drink and take these and you’ll feel better. "


I have those too. My poor night table has been on the receiving end of me punching the shit out of it repeatedly until my wife wakes me up.
You know how you feel when you can’t move your arms in your sleep or you feel really weak? Beating the table fixes that, except I have no idea I do it unless I am woken up. And I am able to remember the dream and believe me, the bastard deserved it.


I’ve usually start screaming and my husband wakes me up. I can’t fall back asleep. I have to get up because I’m shaking. Editing part of it is my heart meds make me more volatile so makes them worse. Lowered dosage and every night I have one but can get up, chillax, and then go back to bed. I’m really doing better


I do that too, except it comes out as a torrent of profanity, but I am able to go back to sleep. I try to wake up enough not to delve back into the same dream. It’s reoccurring, but it surrounds it self with different circumstances, but it’s essentially the same dream.
My shit is personal though, I am guessing you saw some pretty horrific shit.


Heart meds? I wish we could take this off-line because I don’t want you to share what you don’t want to, but that raises some questions and there are A LOT of different kinds of heart meds and perhaps a different kind like a beta or alpha blocker will give you less unpleasant side effects.


Nah had em before meds. I can only be on certain meds now anyways. Editing…I’m medically as well taken care of as possible now. Trust me my husband has me with specialists.


I never understood “WooWoo” to be what a lot of you guys are talking about in this thread. Things like meditation, maturity, empathy, etc… are not Woo Woo.

WooWoo is generally reserved for things that take it (at least) one step beyond that into the realm of the unproven or disproven.

Doing some Yoga to learn about your body and get in shape, sounds good… When Yogi’s in India tell me they can FLY or Levitate when they meditate… Woo Woo

Meditation for relaxing, or obtaining clarity of mind or a sense of purpose, no problem with that… When people tell me when they meditate they travel the Astral plane and can genuinely observe things across the planet… WooWoo

Massage to relieve some muscular stress and loosen up? Sign me up. Reiki or “healing touch” to restore my disturbed energy fields… WooWoo

Crystals look cool… They don’t heal your cancer. Herbs taste great… They dont cure your AIDS.

Some “new agey” stuff is woo woo and some is very much rooted in science.


For the record, the discussion regarding what is and what is not woo woo was part of my intent. I’m glad to see all of the ideas.


You’re describing sleep hallucinations, either hypnogogic or (more likely) hypnopompic:


I’d love to add my perspective and experiences on this, but…I often get teased or completely misunderstood, or all around ignored.

I will say on the topic of Spirituality, for my belief, at the moment of confessing your faith, it’s not about you anymore. You’re a dead man walking. It’s closely related to the “Dead to this World”, saying if not being exactly that. It’s not going to be perfect, but it’s meant to be a transformation. Every transformation is different for every individual but the end goal is letting more and more of yourself die, and letting Christ bloom in you.

Being a person of Science, and Philosophy as well, it has been an awesome journey for me because my belief and those two subjects seem to meld together. Of course there are many who disagree with what I believe, what I’ve commented just then, and that’s okay. Their beliefs matter too, as they always will.

For me, the meditation comes in being by myself and praying. The meditation often leads to understanding, and shedding whatever preconceived notions or even judgmental thought patterns. In that sense, that’s how I’m able to invite practically anyone with open arms because my job from then on is to just shut up and listen, and understand, and experience being in existence with whoever has decided to talk to or interact with me. Of course being respectful and in turn asking for respect is a given, but I take it upon to do the respecting part first. I think all of what I mentioned also ties into intuition as well. Letting the mind and the Spirit work together on one accord. I however often suck at it.

As a consequence, being like this, often gifts me with no friends at all, because most folks think I’m weird, or they’re of the Christian crowd who doesn’t understand or hasn’t done enough studying in their belief, and I’m therefor met with the typical “blasphemy! That’s evil! You’re going to hell!”

But aside from that, It’s all a work in progress for me personally. Espeacially in the modern tech era, I find myself distracted most of the time. I also have a lot of things within myself I have to fix. Often times this makes me extremely anxious and I get that familiar struggle of depression when I look at how insufferable I am as well as humanity I’m general also is, but that’s where hope comes into play. And with that it’s just a matter of harnessing it, and striving as hard as I can, until death. This also relates to a lot of philosophy as well, and I could honestly go on and on, but that would be way too long of a post.

As far as healing and herbs go, I don’t have a full grasp or understanding yet so I’m just observing and taking in all the info I can. I’d like to delve more into fasting for Spiritual purposes too. Which is also something I’ll have to read up on more.

Sorry if what I said is confusing, or out to the left field.


You know, I think that’s life to some extent. I get all excited about the stuff I’m thinking about sometimes and can tell I lose people (they glaze over, stop listening), and I think that’s normal. If I find the right person, they’re excited to talk about it, too, whatever it is. You shouldn’t think it’s you, just that not everyone can relate.

Religion is especially tricky because it’s all so personal and comes largely from childhood and let’s face it, is the key to salvation if that’s what you believe, so it can get heavy. I remember being told by my very sweet mother-in-law-to-be when I was 23 that I was going to hell along with all of my family and pretty much everyone else because we didn’t happen to be Church of Christ. It was an awkward conversation, to say the least. (“My mom was really nice, though. You’re sure, hell?”)

It sounds like you’re enjoying an exciting journey. Don’t worry about the others - keep talking about it just enough to see if anyone feels as you do, because wouldn’t that be awesome?