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I don’t know what is permissible in surgery. I’ve heard of it being used in dentistry with some good results, but other than my own experience with it I’m entirely ignorant.


Ok I just wanted to know if that has ever happened cos when I first read about it being used in surgery several years ago I was shocked but my friend clarified it for me as it being used as an addition and not an alternative.


I also be not woke, but my understanding would have me exchange “emptiness” for “openness.” So openness and lack of attachment leaves one in a state of loving unconcern rather than blank unconcern. I am open to the bird as well as to the worm, I accept their rightness and the rightness of their actions.

Hmm, I’m with you on #1, think more of crystals and tarot for #2, but don’t know what kind of fake martial arts you’re talking about. The only one I know of that seems woo to me is tai chi, but only because Americans I think of as woowoo seem drawn to it. I realize it didn’t start out that way. Still, it irritates me when I see or hear of people doing it who I know (KNOW) couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag (as admittedly I could not) but who nonetheless claim it as self-defense training. But “stuff people just make up,” yes. [Editing to add: just got to the video of MMA vs tai chi - harsh! I guess it’s a nice pastime, not so great for self-defense.]

When I get to #3 I have to differentiate between woo and wack. So positive spirit interactions = woo, talk of demons = whack.

I think very often for me “woowoo” comes down to what irritates me, but then I think, as with the tai chi, that it’s not actually the practice, it’s the smug assholes practicing it. And I’m open to much of it! But still.

This. (I’m trying to honor the posting box’s admonishments not to do serial posts, but I’m on my very small work laptop and it’s a challenge to read and quote stuff, so now I’m dancing with redundancy, which I need to go note in the pissed off thread.)

I don’t see it as futility. Acceptance is positive. Grief and death and pain are sad, but they are a part of - or the basis of - life, and therefore precious in their own way. Process vs outcome. Isn’t that what we practice working out? Process is pain, but we accept and even embrace it.


I would say that if you don’t take the movie as allegorical, there’s something wrong with you. But yes, he does develop a capacity for lovingkindness (a woowoo word that keeps popping up in my field, which irritates me because of the one-word thing and also because each word was fine on its own) and deep acceptance. Personally, I love the movie. Another acceptance-focused classic is It’s a Wonderful Life.

Maybe it’s working, maybe it’s placebo - hard to say because it’s impossible to study. An issue I have with it and its ilk is that it tends to focus on symptoms rather than root. So Advil rather than antibiotics. I have a friend who is a big fan and goes regularly. Her life is a trainwreck, though, and I wish she would focus on changing it rather than seeking temporary feelings of relaxation and energy. I see that with a lot of what I think of as woo - people who are hurting in some way and select a bandaid rather than excision.

I signed on the year after I got the swine flu. I have many beefs with big pharma and its corrupt practices, but I sure do like reducing my odds of ever feeling that way again.

We could also call this maturation.

Exactly. I know people report having had profound experiences, and one or two were people I respect, but I question the whole thing. Have tried once, did not like, personally.

I am pro-karma also, for the same reason. It comforts me to think of divine justice, so I do to some extent, but mostly I believe in cause and effect.

Why did you do this? I assume because a girl made you. Was it ultimately positive? (Should I do it? lol)


I’ve spoken a bit about breathwork lately, okay, a lot, and I wanted to share an opportunity for others to experience it for free. Since it’s free, and not soliciting, I’m hoping the mods will let me post a link.

If you’re interested, you need to sign up for it and they will send you a link to log into the session. In order to sign up, you do need to enter your email address, but they don’t spam you. They use the email to send you a link specific to you, and not for others to use. You will get an email or two telling you about other opportunities, but it’s not intrusive at all.

In order to log into the session, you will need to download Zoom to your computer or phone, and have headphones. The format is video, but you can block your camera if you are shy.

The first fifteen minutes are explanation, then a half hour of breathwork, followed by sharing out. You’ll want to have a comfortable place to lay down during the breathwork. I do it on my phone and just lay down in bed.

Anyway, it is FREE, so I hope the mods allow it.


There two sessions every Sunday. The one for USA/Europe is today at noon EST - make sure you sign up for the right one in the drop down menu.


I think this has to do more with the client than the practitioner. As I understand it, based on my training, I’m just an empty vessel sending the energy into the client. The energy itself is what determines what the client needs. As mentioned before, the client may want to be cured, but the universe knows they need acceptance, so that’s what they get. Sounds a little woo to me, maybe even wack.

I got it too, very difficult four days of recovery, but I haven’t gotten the flu since.

I’m interested in hearing more about this experience. I’m going to a retreat in July that is sort of like this, meditation, yoga, hippy music, vegetarian meals, no alcohol, caffeine, or nicotine.

Rough times, for sure, and very sorry to hear about them. You might look into the Hero’s Journey and consider the basement as a call to adventure, a new beginning, instead of hell on earth.

Move a muscle, change a thought. You’re doing awesome @Spock81


If you do that, you won’t get the link in the email.

However, as soon as you sign up, they provide you with a link on the homepage, you can just copy and paste that.



I have been on my path for years now. i have been on an adventure and it took me to the center of the universe, it was devastating to find out that my ass was not in it. You really can’t see stars until it’s dark, and the darker it is, the more stars you see. If it happened instantly, it would be the equivalent of staring at a nuclear blast and render you blind. Timing is everything.


I have a mindful meditation practice. I’m not sure how woo-woo it is, since there are now so many scholarly articles about the health benefits of meditation. People often think of learning to dismiss anxious thinking. I’m very fortunate in that I’m not prone to anxiety and depression. I think I have some super fortunate brain chemistry, but I do notice that I just feel better one days I meditate. People who meditate have measurable changes in positive thinking and optimism.

There’s now research looking at also increased grey matter in the hippocampus, which relate to better memory, attention, emotional regulation. Effects on the immune system like reduced cortisol and inflammation. Reduced high blood pressure. Pain relief. General longevity.

I have a friend who is a practicing Buddhist. Her home is like going away to a zen retreat. She helped me get started by doing a guided meditation practice with me and a couple of neighbors. I don’t recall what type of Buddhism she practices, but it’s all focused on the breath. After doing that with her once a week for a few months, I’ve been better able to practice on my own. There is a group in my neighborhood that does a guided practice once a week, but the person who leads it has a different style, and he’s just harder for me. He talks more, and I prefer the style of the friend who taught me.

The closest I came to a meditation practice prior to that, was in the years I was running 3-6 miles every morning. That was a time for me to ponder, and it was a form of meditation for me, or the closest I came to getting my mind to be still. Being outside in a beautiful place. Just breathing, the repetitive pace of my steps, and I love the runner’s high. It was a time when I would process things, feel a connection to God.

@ Christianity and meditation.

My opinion here. Western religions often focus more on prayer, talking to God. We don’t always learn how to listen, or be still. “Be still, and know that I am God.”

The Catholic tradition has monasteries where people learn to be still, chants, prayers. I’m thinking of the meditation of Benedictine monks. I once talked about this with @Alrightmiami19c and @pat, but I think praying the rosary is a form of meditative practice. Catholic perishes also do a version of meditation groups, and there’s a website called Contemplative Outreach. Thomas Keating is a Catholic monk and priest who developed a meditation practice called Centering Prayer, a contemporary form of contemplative prayer. He has some books that integrate meditative practices in that faith tradition. I have found some of his work helpful.

I’ve found other resources focused on Christ-centered meditation, including some within my own tradition. People will develop a mindful meditation practice, but they may meditate on a topic like “kindness.” Think of the kindness you’ve experienced in your life, all the people who have shown kindness to you, the unconditional love you’ve felt, that kind of thing.

Long post.

More on books and the Tao Te Ching later…


Yes. Yes! My foot is hurt at present, so I’m not running. It has a definite impact on my sense of well being and calm.

I have had more time to mess around online, though!


There is a school of thought with respect to active meditation - walking, running, any type of movement. Ecstatic Dance is in this vein as well.

I was raised Christian by parents that I found later are agnostic, lol. When my brother passed in 2001 I gave up on a Christian god and have only recently come to believe in a divine intelligence, what I call universe. Meditating, breathwork, yoga, help me connect to that intelligence.

Great. Glad to hear it.

This. It feels like woo to me, but your point is well made.



This is what happens when real medical problems are present.

*Brotowali is an Indian and South East Asian plant used as alternative medicine.

*I understand my grandmother also went to a qi gong practitioner in secret, which has a similar philosophy to Reiki. Ki(Japanese) = qi(Mandarin). What I wrote above only occurred in the past 5 years. The last time she had similar issues, she was going to a qi gong practitioner and she had promised never to seek his services ever again. I would really love to sue his ass.

Even TCM practitioners REJECT qi gong as a valid “medical” practice. It’s too Woo for them.


Absolutely! Though I haven’t been able to pray the Rosary as much lately (9 month old daughter) I really enjoyed it’s versatility. You can be all alone in a quiet place and really concentrate on the mysteries or you can pray it on the go to help you relieve some tension and “Be Still” or be more open do God.

There are times when I am faced with hardship, big or small, where I will simply repeat a request to God. On a past hunting trip I repeated to myself “Lord, make me accurate.” It seems dumb on the surface, but it really is a form of meditation and reminds you that God is there.


Buddhists would have a field day with this, lol.

Not judging bro.


That’s only because they have never had fresh backstrap and gravy :grin: (Joke)


Sweet. Congratulations on the baby girl! I believe we have a couple more babies expected this summer.


Appreciate your thoughts about prayer and meditation over things large and small. Simpatico. I contacted a local Catholic woman who leads a Centering Prayer group. She was very warm and welcoming to me, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to practice with them due to schedule differences. Still something I’d like to do this year.

I was going to add that I’ve enjoyed studying the Tao Te Ching, and finding parallels to New Testament teachings, like phrases in the Sermon on the Mount. I like looking for universal truths about the human condition, about what it means to live a good life, in other traditions.


Yes, I’ve noticed this as well, though I’ve framed it more as a calming exercise along the lines of counting breaths or progressive relaxation when anxious or angry. Both, I would imagine, depending on time and place. I remember my aunts doing it, and it would be in exactly the same circumstances I would have clients do coping-oriented mindfulness exercises.


Sorry you got you’re hurt :cry:


I’ve found that breathing in slowly and exhaling slowly and for having the exhaling last longer really helps. When I get stressed I do Yahtzee and takes me down a few notches. Yeah, when I do cardio, it is me time. :hugs:


Bingo! It’s a meditative practice as well as a prayer. That’s the point, repetitive chanting, especially positive things clears your head. You may think about the mysteries of the Rosary (which are scriptural events) or you may not. But you arr thinking and usually it’s for the positive. Be it something you feel you need to improve. A mistake you wish you didn’t make. A behavior you want to change.
The repetitive prayers are for meditation purposes. A good Gregorian Chant is very cathartic. And if you fall asleep, where better to sleep than in the presence of the Lord?
You don’t have to use them chants or repetitive prayers, you can pray like a Evangelical as well, where you’re more conversational. There are no hard and fast rules, the point is to “Think God”.