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No woowoo stuff for me. I take the position that I believe in things I have evidence for. Until evidence is present, I take the position of disbelief.

Holy books don’t count for evidence either.


Thanks for weighing in @mnben87.

Yep, me too, for the most part.

Yep, me too - tbh, fuck that shit.

So my friend Russ is a PE Teacher at my school, and a witch, or some other weird shit - she OBE’s and talks to the dead.

She called me this morning in tears because she met my brother (who passed in 2001) this morning. It was in a dark paneled room and he was wearing a white sweater with blue intertwined.

The dark paneled room is our cabin in Santa Cruz, and the sweater is a sweater that my brother and I both owned, I still have his sweater.

Weird shit.

Anyway, yesterday was my brother’s birthday (and she says the dead come to her on their birthday or the anniversary of their death).


It could be bullshit, it could be legit, I have no idea, don’t care. She had an authentic experience and I think my brother left me a message.

He asked her, “Do you feel deemed?”

Not really sure WTF that means, but she was right on with the paneling and the sweater, so, whatev.

If you’re of the opinion that there is

then don’t frequent the thread.

But, I suspect you have doubts, and that’s why you weighed in - you want to believe, you want evidence, you want to know.

So follow, keep an open mind, and enjoy the ride.

One thing to consider, I expect you’re younger than I, twenty years at least, and living in the Midwest.

You probably have knowledge but are lacking experience (like me), and we both need to learn to be tolerant of other ideas until we have the experience we need.



You’ve ignored the most interesting option. Maybe she is using this “connection” with your brother to be closer to you. Your magnetic pull sent vibes out to the universe and attracted her (the secret). Either that or your breathwork sessions bring all the girls to the yard.


My relatives have a cabin with dark paneling, and I have a white and blue sweater. These are not specific enough to reach my standard of proof.

I agree people have the right to believe what they want, but many don’t require verification of their beliefs. This puts them in a position in which defending said beliefs becomes pretty hard to do.

Is there a way to verify your experience? I’m not trying to be a dick. Your friend is probably trying to be genuine. However, they have studied the accuracy of people who claim these powers, and nobody has proven to have this ability. In fact after studying the methods of mediums, people who claim no supernatural power have reproduced The techniques with the same outcomes.


All valid, and I agree with the standard of proof, it was just interesting.


Lol - she doesn’t need that connection. I would totally hit that in a second.

Clearly, it is my milk shake that brings all the girls to the yard.

She sent me some very sexy pictures and my therapist (yeah, I just went there) thinks it’s because she considers me a challenge - but again, no challenge, I would hit it in a second.

But, I think I am missing a few important signals. We talk daily, we’re both fit, both in our fifties, so what am I missing?

I think it’s that I’m pretty much a train wreck, lol.

Anyway, read a book on Sunday called Adventures Beyond the Body by William Buhlman, pretty interesting.

I’ve had a few out of body experiences (OBE) and several lucid dreams, two before reading the book and about five since reading it on Sunday.

Wondering if anyone else has had an OBE or a lucid dream, or does this regularly.

Came to the conclusion that we are not humans in search of a spiritual experience, but rather spirits having a human experience, and that our spirit (soul) is timeless. Buhlman refers to the physical body being a vehicle for the soul.

The idea is that this human experience is school for the soul, the soul is learning how to raise itself to higher consciousness through the human experience.

It’s some trippy shit for sure, but it really resonates for me. I also read Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda and he talks about the similarities of Hinduism and Catholicism. He wrote, and I paraphrase, that the way to heaven through Christ in Christianity is really a metaphor for an initiate to understand that enlightenment (heaven) comes through Christ like consciousness (crown chakra, the seventh church in Revelations).

Much more on this later I guess, just thought I would throw it out there.


Have you considered telling a potential partner that you’re a complete mess and striving to get better? Like a buyer beware sticker. Certain women lap that shit up. Others run. Lol


I am totally honest with her, she knows I am a train wreck.

But, she’s a little wacky herself - witch in a past life, talks to the dead, etc…

Hot crazy chicks, am I right @dt79?


Could be oxygen deprivation from all that hyperventilating :smirk:


I find AOC hot although she’s a completely reprehensible piece of shit, and I had relationships with chicks from a crazy evangelical church whose pastor and his cronies have recently been convicted for misappropriation of church funds in the tens of millions, so who am I to judge lol?

Have you watched The Conjuring? I knew a muslim chick who claimed a female spirit latched on to her since she was a kid and followed her around and lots of shit happened to her like the events in the movie. One day I called her bluff by “challenging” the spirit to give me a blow job in front of a group of friends and then everyone was harassed by the spirit after that. This was in the 90s lol.


Yeah I posted about this before.


Bro, you are all woo woo and shit with the sleep paralysis - you’re a higher being vibrating at a higher frequency than the rest of us.

Or, you’re suffering from flashbacks caused by adolescent psychedelic use.

Probably the former.

So my OBE shit isn’t about spirits sitting on me or the rest. My first was during a meditation last summer at my parents house - I was able to leave my body and fly above the hood. I decided I wanted to talk to my brother who passed in 2001, and boom, there he was. Then I spoke to my dead grandparents, both maternal and paternal.

My paternal grands told me they were coming to get my dad soon.

Then, I had a lucid dream, very similar, but I forget what it was - have it written down.

Then I started talking to the PE teacher that does out of body and shit got real. I’ve had several lucid dreams since then, but no out of body.

However, I had an inner body - weird AF.

The idea is I am accessing different dimensions of reality, and the yoga shit supports this.

I’m still a republican at heart, a jock, and a dude (whatever that is worth), but this shit is real (feels like it).

Anyone else that has traveled astral, now is the time to weigh in.


wooooo… woooooo


They could easily have constructed the woo woo shit around lucid dreaming to explain it.

If monks sit upright in a lotus position and meditate while reciting scriptures, it’s not unreasonable to come to the conclusion that some of them may fall asleep while in an elevated state of awareness. They can immediately end up in a lucid dream state due to this, giving the illusion that they are experiencing an obe since the dream state they’re in features them in their immediate surroundings.