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CNS fatigue and warming up are the most “woowoo” of all. I mean seriously, who doesn’t just rip 405 of the floor 24/7 without consequences?


I’ll bet this guy doesn’t.

How much can you rip off the ground like this without warming up:


What about Penis Wine? Surely that stuff must work?


Tiger penis? Never tried it lol.


And just when you think you’ve seen it all. There’s this.


Even muslims engage in this shit:



Gurus in India:


“Credited with launching a yoga revival in India, he’s sometimes compared by Westerners to Richard Simmons or Jane Fonda.”


Question - because there is some serious bullshit in the woo woo world, does that mean it’s all bullshit?

In the interest of being incendiary @dt79, do you think the Buddha, Muhammad, Jesus, Moses, etc … were all shams?

Or, do you believe they were actually enlightened, that we can all be enlightened?

Inquiring minds want to know.


I’m not sure I see your point. I was calling out the mystical/supernatural/energy transfer nonsense and quack medical practices based on trickery, pseudoscience and very unreliable anecdotal evidence.

These things are supposed to have actual physical effects which should be able to be scientifically measured, reviewed by accredited sources and, thus, proven.

Following the religious texts can be a means towards self-actualization or simply a guide on how to live your life. It’s like reading philosophy. Does it matter if they are shams if an individual finds meaning in them lol?

Most Christians believe in the spiritual but they aren’t conducting faith healing sessions at every mass. The churches that do are the shams. It doesn’t mean one cannot believe in the bible.


One more thing:

What you need to understand about the East is that we are very fucking superstitious because of previously slower economic development and lots of social and political upheavals, which meant lower levels of education and higher levels of poverty. Unlike the West, we did not undergo a gradual increase in development at a relatively steady pace. We never went through an Age of Enlightenment and all that shit because monarchies forced us to literally worship kings as “Sons of Heaven”, which Japan was still doing up till the 2nd World War. Thailand still does it if I’m not mistaken. The only thing that came close was Confucianism, which is still highly regarded here but people aren’t trying to sell it to you in the West because of the lack of woo woo profit potential. Which is why, even though economic progress has been ridiculously fast the past several decades, these superstitions are still ingrained in our culture.

We are not naturally more inclined towards “spirituality” and “mysticism”. These are things the poor in the undeveloped parts embrace to get by while living very shitty lives with a lack of access to real medicine. The exceptions to this are either the scammers or they’re the same kind of idiots as the ones in the West who believe in Western astrology and tarot cards. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling you bullshit.


You really are a very interesting and intelligent man. These posts are absolutely fascinating.


Thanks but I’m just stating things which are common knowledge over here. There’s quite a bit of a cultural difference that isn’t taken into consideration when Westerners talk about Eastern religions. I didn’t even know Buddhists in the West don’t worship deities until a couple of years ago. Buddhists in Asia normally worship Buddha and pray to deities just like Christians do. Nobody meditates or tries to find self-enlightenment lol. Only monks and cult members do that. People here are usually asking for divine assistance or scoring points for the afterlife.


So what do you think of Atheist Buddists like Sam Harris?


Yes, well, I’m not good with the putting the words together and them making sense, lol.

I was looking for your take on whether it was all fuckery, and you’ve answered that well.

I think a lot of people misunderstand some of the ideas. I have this conversation often with respect to many of the concepts, Reiki in particular. Here’s the deal with Reiki, as far as healing and shit goes - you get what you need, not what you want. You may want to be cured of cancer, but you will get the peace you need. Not for nothing, come over to my Reiki room, I’ll light some candles, burn some cool incense, play some relaxing music, wave my hands over you while you take an hour nap. You pay $100, you better believe most people are either going to feel much better (relaxing nap after all), or will certainly claim that shit works because they don’t want to look stupid paying $100 for something that doesn’t work.

You can’t prove it doesn’t work, you just don’t understand what you got out of it.

I am, of course, being facetious.

However, I have several people I respect that highly recommend Ayurveda or TCM, but, with the caveat - if you’re having a heart attack, go to an MD. If you’ve got the sniffles and want to try something benign, go see the Ayurvedic. I am well aware of your feelings towards TCM, but you see my conundrum.

Tarot cards - whole other ball of shit there. I’m new to them, and I like them. I don’t think there’s anything to them except as a tool to develop my intuition and to examine my own life, or to encourage others to be introspective. But they ain’t no magic.

I think a lot of this stuff has gotten misinterpreted or misrepresented (your point I guess, don’t want to put words in your mouth). Had this conversation with my brother regarding the law of attraction, which he thought was bullshit until l mansplained it to him. When he heard the explanation, he was just like, “Well duh!”


I don’t know what Atheist Buddhists believe in.


As long as we are in agreement that there was no real treatment of the specific thing the money was paid to treat, we can agree to disagree on what constitutes a con.



Twenty characters…


Lol I’m actually fine with woo woo beliefs as long as people admit they’re religions and don’t try to rationalize them with the secular but you really won’t be able to get me to say anything good about TCM. It is snake oil, and a very lucrative con in a global industry worth billions when you can easily get a bottle of vicks from the store if you have a flu and it will have the same, or even better effect than a trip to the TCM clinic.

What you wrote above is almost exactly how they’ve been marketing themselves all along:

“Small ailment, go to TCM. Large ailment, go to doctor”.

You don’t see the problem with this statement? They can only treat minor ailments that normally go away by themselves? They can’t handle the “large” ailments? Does this even make sense to you lol? What if you have a potentially fatal disease, or one that will require expensive and painful medical treatment if allowed to progress when not diagnosed early?

Have you known a kid who got brain damage from a fever when his parents refused to see a real doctor?

Have you had a relative with a mental illness feel “better” after seeing one of these charlatans, made his mother think this was a viable alternative to real medicine and then crashed so bad later that he assaulted her and had to be abducted off the street where he was roaming for days and institutionalized?

Have you had a family member who let an ailment that could have been treated with a 2 week course of oral antibiotics get to the stage where an operation was needed to scrape the bone, followed by months of pain and rehab?

Have you met people with cancer with a good prognosis if treated at the time they were diagnosed but they were too afraid to go undergo proper treatment and decided to resort to these treatments because TCM continuously disses real medical practitioners as being “too quick to cut and slice you up to get rid of the problem while TCM treats the entire patient”?

These are only some of the things I’ve personally experienced. TCM was once the main medical treatment in China and among Chinese in other parts of Asia. It’s cultural significance was such that people would mockingly call you a “traitor” if you decided not to subscribe to it in favor of real medicine when I was growing up. It once had a 100 percent market share for HUNDREDS OF YEARS before real medicine was introduced. Why do you think they are now only regarded as supplements, or alternative “medicine” with a caveat that practitioners are legally required to refer a “patient” to a real doctor in many situations, one of which can be simply exceeding a certain blood pressure level, and no government other than the Chinese Communist Party recognizes it as a valid medical practice?

It’s not even like a noob deadlifting 225lbs telling you they can teach you how to deadlift, and you that only need to listen to the 600lb deadlifter when you can lift more than that. THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO DEADLIFT.


You know I have an MFA in Creative Writing and an MA in English, so if you ever want to learn how to write with more passion and to be more clear with your main ideas, I can help.

My sarcasm and hidden compliments aside, I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I wasn’t real clear with my point, probably because I’m not real clear with my thoughts. As mentioned before, I’m totally new to most of this shit. I run into a lot of woo woo people in my new circle, and a lot of people that are really grounded and clearly connected to spirit, source, higher self, whatever you want to call it. My bullshit detector for this stuff is pretty ineffective at this point.

I do see a lot of articles and information about western medicine beginning to recognize the efficacy of eastern medicine - in certain situations. I can’t rattle them off, but acupuncture and meditation are two that come to mind. I’m not even sure those qualify as aspects of TCM.

I don’t think we disagree on anything here, more of a difference of understanding, perhaps semantics. I’ll give you an example. I used to run a tire store and we routinely recommended the replacement of shocks and struts based on a manufacturer’s recommendation or for ride improvement - not because the originals were “bad.”

Of course, we didn’t make that clear to the customer. However, if a customer bought new shocks and enjoyed the improved ride quality, did we con that customer?

Of course, it’s not the same as offering to treat cancer with Reiki. However, offering to provide energy healing as a Reiki master with the clear understanding it may have no benefit on said cancer but may bring peace and acceptance, well, that’s a gray area…or perhaps it’s more shady than gray.

Don’t know, just trying to codify it all I guess.