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Any yoga class is $20, Hatha, Bikram, Iyengar, Kundalini, all $20.

I feel you.


Lol I’m not against yoga. I just don’t believe in the chakra stuff and people I know who do yoga normally don’t bother with it either.


I do yoga because, yoga pants. :ok_hand:t2:


I am shocked, shocked I tell you to find out that you don’t believe in wheels of energy located at seven points in your body that rotate clockwise. How can you not believe in that shit?

You’re probably rooted in your root chakra, all bound up about money and keeping a roof over you head. You should meditate on your heart chakra.


Bro, I channel my qi from my lower dantian, which is the root of the tree of life, throughout the 8 Extraordinary Meridians every time I deadlift.



uh, not sure about Thanos.


Play on the infinity stone. I thought it was funny. Only one I guess.

Back on topic I’ve always been intrigued by the existance (or not) of chi/qui/parang. Every video is always some grainy 1970’s Leonard Nimoy in search of thing. All the studies are one-offs and never replicated.

I almost want to believe in a body energy system since science hasn’t even defined consciousness/thoughts/sleep etc… yet. We know that having deliberate positive thoughts can affect hormones, heart rate, inflammation etc… and that the reverse is true. You’d think there’d be more real research.



Zep has the answers.


Hmm, I don’t think that was it. I was trying to suppress energy, not experiencing it from the session. My stomach growls all the time, whether because I’m hungry (it’s like a demanding toddler) or because I’m lying down after eating, as was the case that day.

I don’t see myself as a failure, more that this isn’t my thing. When I signed on for it my best friend was all “you know you’re going to have to sit still, right?” YEAH, I understand that. But she was right, it took forever for the stupid thing to end. I loved the salt cave, but what I would really like to do there is snack, drink wine, and chat with my friends. But I guess it’s a quiet place. :confused:


I’ve been learning a lot about Ancient Aliens lately. Watching this landmark docu-series has raised a lot of interesting questions from me. Chief among those is “How do I become one of the Ancient Astronaut Theorists they always reference on the show, and how much does it pay?”. I’d think that revealing the lost secrets of civilization that the government doesn’t want you to know about pays a lot more than being a business systems analyst. Maybe time for a career change.



I had a few psychotic episodes back in 2013 & 2014-15, I dunno if what I’ve unearthed emotionally/mentally counts as ‘wokeness’ but I know I struggle to get pissed off about most things any more. Stuff that used to really piss me off just amuses me now.

As I say, I dunno if that’s wokeness or what but it’s certainly advantageous in certain situations!


You need a good hair stylist for starters.


Wacky hair and questionable hygiene seems to be a prerequisite for becoming an Ancient Astronaut Theorist. I have a mostly full head of hair, but it’s really fine so I’ll probably need to play the wacky beard angle and throw some crazy eyes and hand gestures in for good effect. It’ll be a challenge, but I think I can pull off the right look. I googled “Ancient Astronaut Theorist salary” and got some interesting results.

Apparently you don’t need any credentials that require long periods of study, diligent research or much effort at all. This is music to my ears, and if I can manage to get a youtube channel, a fringe website or some manner of social media presence with a moderate following I can look forward to a long and lucrative career as an Ancient Astronaut Theorist.

Speaking engagements, TV spots, internet revenue and book sales have the potential to make a skilled bullshitter into an accomplished and well-compensated Ancient Astronaut Theorist.

I think I’m sold. Time to get on the woo train!




Holy shit!


I’m ready to learn all about poison arrows and the proper placement of furniture and household plants if it means a bigger paycheck than I can get bullshitting about ancient astronauts or doing petty and legitimate work with ERP systems. I don’t think that guy who conned that woman out billions has anything I don’t. I’m ready for the challenge!


Just gotta know your audience.

A MLM salesman once told me that the key to success:

“Even if there’s a dead chicken lying in front of you, you must be able to convince people it’s alive and kicking.”

Mythical Asian wisdom right there. And he was a great salesman.

The dude was also a loan shark runner, aid to an illegal soccer betting syndicate organized by street gangs and a ketamine abuser who frequently went in and out of prison.



People in the West get disillusioned with mainstream religion because of all the scandals and scams. It’s the same thing in Asia, just that you don’t normally read about it. It’s even worse because Asians are much more superstitious.

“As the Nature article points out, TCM has been a scam for decades: it was revived and heavily promoted in China by former dictator Mao Zedong, who didn’t believe in it himself, but pushed it as a cheap alternative to real medicine.”

This is true. It was because The State couldn’t afford to give all it’s citizens real medicine.

They are all scams. Don’t ever buy into this shit just because this shit comes from the “exotic” and “mystical” lands of Asia. Think of all the faith healers, televangelists, shitty supplement scams and anything else you can think of in the West. These are the Asian equivalents.


Think about the Vatican covering up child sexual abuse.

Then look at this fucker.

One of many NATION WIDE charity scams in Asia:


I can post a LOT more but it is very hard to find the English versions.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is being pushed by the Chinese GOVERNMENT. It’s about money and politics. Nothing else.