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No, definitely not. As I told you before, I GREW UP with all this woo woo stuff. Imagine having all these fed to you from the time of your earliest memories.


Better than Republican dogma, lol.


My parents converted to Catholism when I was 6 when the priests where I lived were mostly old, physically violent Europeans lol. I had quite a fair amount of that stuff fed to me too.


Actually, look at it this way. I reject these things the same way you reject Christianity. It’s really not that different. It’s just that in the East, we are exposed to both Eastern and Western cultures and religions because of immigration, forced social engineering for multi racial harmony and past colonialization.


I loved that you misspelled it, not being grammar police at all, I think it’s passive aggressive.

And, I like that.

Yeah, spent a lot of time in a Lutheran church, which is kind of like Catholic without the branding.


No, I really just misspelled it lol.



But…I’m seeing Christianity in a new light now. It’s not about Christ, it’s about Christ consciousness, does that make sense?

I get this from Yogananada Paramahansa.

Christ was a buddha, and the way to god is through that consciousness - it’s within.

Sure you get this, but it’s an epiphany for me.


I think I kinda get it. You’re pretty much eliminating deism from the equation.

“One seeks to find the Buddah in his heart.”


I know this is wacky AF, and I’m your typical dude, but yes.

The idea is that source, universe, god, created you in his/her/its image, so you are god.

I’m just going to use spirit. We are created by spirit, which is infinite, so we are infinite. God. spirit, universe, source, is within us already, just tap into it.


Oh yeah, sentimental stuff. I understand that too. In fact, I think I also have a couple of those sleds on our Christmas tree. Those were the coolest thing in 1983.


One of my class mates in the TT owns a salt cave in Port Jeff.

So gaseousness is clearly an issue in yoga, reiki, and any other type of healing. Here’s the deal, you’re moving energy, and gas happens. It is considered uncool to break wind in someone’s face when you are doing downward facing dog (triangle pose in Kundalini), but hey, it happens.

I try to wait until I am in (un) easy pose to break wind, but that is just my protocol.

I think this is a judgement. I don’t think you failed. You should keep trying.

You’re a social worker am I right?

Breathe in, breathe out, lol.


I get this line of thinking even though I don’t know the actual specifics of your beliefs since many ex-Buddhists I know have developed their own variations of it. It’s not really weird to me. It’s the spiritual, as in supernatural or mystical aspects that people in Asia are now rejecting and parodying.

That chakra thing can be seen as metaphorical, a means toward self-actualization and expanding the mind. That’s good. On the other hand, when it is taken literally and combined with mystical nonsense, we get things like Traditional Chinese Medicine and Fengshui, which are bloody scams and only harm people.

See my point?


Yeah, I’m not really sure you can be an ex-buddhist, and I don’t capitalize on purpose. I guess it goes back to Hinduism, not sure what the Chinese off shoot is, guess it is buddhism.

So, to me, buddhism is not a religion, hence I don’t capitalize it.

Yeah, neither do I, lol. Still figuring this out, universe, source, spirit, I really don’t know.

And of course, irony, the ideas the west is now embracing.

I know you hate eastern medicine, for good reason, but western medicine is beginning to adopt a lot of it, specifically acupuncture, and some herbal shit.

Kundalini claims to be technology and science, I’m not buying it, but the shit does work, so I’m just confused.


As long as it’s a religion, people end up doing some form of worship eventually. Even the commies ended up worshiping their dictators.

A very big mstake. Like Western astrology. Bad ideas are bad ideas regardless of where they come from. Eastern nonsense probably has the novelty appeal because it’s new to them.

I wouldn’t call this “adopting”. It’s basically like “A couple of herbs among hundreds work. So let’s use them” lol. Like ephedrine, which has been used long ago for bronchitis. In the case of acupuncture, I suggest that you go read the links I posted and see what it’s based on. It is multiple times more woo woo than subluxation.

I don’t even call eastern medicine “medicine”. It’s snake oil. The salesmen are always looking for a new market to penetrate.


Here’s my take on the yoga and chakra chit.

It works.

It might just be a metaphor, but yoga and meditation works, at least for me. I might be effed up, and easily manipulated, but it does work.

The idea is mind, body, spirit, Connecting the mind to the body (yoga means yoke or connection) helps me get into a higher plane, spirit, seventh chackra, whatever.

Seven chackras, seven churches (Revelations), whatever. Working my body, chanting mantras that tune me into the frequency of the universe (7.63 Hz, Om, Aum, amen), it works.

At least for me. It might be all bullshit, but I wake up every day chanting Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo (Kundalini shit - awakening the teacher within) and I feel fucking great.

Ram Dass took a bunch of acid to Tibet and India in the 80’s and the monks took it, in one case, nine hits of acid, and the monks claimed meditation was better.

If you ong, with your tongue on the roof of your mouth, you vibrate the frequency of the earth and stimulate your pituitary gland, releasing a cascade of serotonin, and dopamine - the same things that are released when you drop acid.

You also stimulate the pineal gland, which opens up your intuition - the third eye.

So that is the Kundalini science, lol,


I’m gonna be honest and I hope you don’t take offence. I think this is all bullshit and gurus like these aren’t even popular in Asia outside of India. I’m not sure they are even popular in India. And no Indian I know will ever subscribe to anything like this. Half my friends are Indians. This looks like the work of the types of charlatans that can be monks, fortune tellers, gurus etc that have long been known to be scammers here but they cater to a niche market of believers. We’re talking about a very small minority of people since most religious people are in organized religions like Taoism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism etc. The references to the pineal gland and things to do with brain chemistry to sell a religion/philosophy(?) is something that caters to the Western market. These aren’t normally used in Asia either.

Don’t fuck around with the pineal gland!


I mean, if you’re experiencing due to a surge of endorphins or dopamine or whatever and peace of mind from following these, it really shouldn’t matter what I tell you but I’m really just being frank with my opinion. It’s not that I’m against people doing what makes them feel good. It’s just that, like I wrote in the flame free thread, eventually some of these things gain popularity and become more expensive and I have to pay a ridiculous amount of money because my wife believes in it. I don’t even argue with my wife about things like these because there’s no way I will win and then there will be tears lol.


Do you have any more resources for this information?


None taken.

Yeah, I get this, but this is not a scam. You pay $20 for a yoga class, period. I have a very high bullshit detector for pyramids and scams.

I’m just going to yoga bro. I’m not buying herbs, not into paying more for this or more for that. I’m just digging the meditation and shit, and it’s free.

I love your skepticism though - I kind of feel the same way. If I voted, I probably would have voted for Trump.

Holy shit, did I just say that.

So, the yoga and meditation, not a scam - it’s free.


Ok, I get you.

But just remember if there’s anything more to this in the future:

$20USD is worth a lot more in India. Some of these guys live and work abroad temporaily and send their money back there to their families and they’re able to live a nice upper middle class life. Scammers aren’t all expensive.

There are fortune tellers where I used to live who set up stands in alleys behind prostitute dens and charged something like the equivalent of $5 dollars in today’s prices in the First World.

It isn’t really skepticism. It’s like someone asking you to go to a dubious evangelist church where they do faith healing and everyone can talk in tongues on demand. I’ll go because the chicks there are normally hot.