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Well, it’s actually not partisan talk. I prefer it not to be. That was the point. I didn’t want it to be another area yet infested with politics. Let the science be science, where ever the science may lead, so long as it is the science grabbing the rudder and not someone’s agenda.
What I found is the rabbit hole was infested with politics. That was the turn off, not politics I agree or disagree with it just shouldn’t be there.
Science is amoral and apolitical as it should be. It tells you how it is, not how it ought to be. And the ‘is, is not ought’ proposition gets trampled on like a possum on the road.


I wore one of those once, but I promptly collected a bunch of apostles, which was a real pain in the ass, and I heard that kind of thing generally ends badly for Jewish guys.


You guys know nothing about woo-woo until you’ve dealt with Kabbala wackos seeking “energy” in your vineyard.

Speaking of said vineyard, I will post some pictures/videos of Iranian missiles getting shot down (very distantly) over my head when I get my camera hooked up to the computer. Bad for your chakra, but amazingly beautiful. The “crack” from the anti-missile batteries breaking the sound barrier about 20ft off the ground will knock you on your ass from a mile away.


Didn’t you say you owned property in multiple countries? Maybe time for a 1 year sabbatical with the family?

Stay safe anyway.


Nah, it was miles away. The Golan is beautiful this time of year, and Iran can stuff it. I am pretending to be a farmer there. It’s good for me.

(Also, no just houses in the US and Israel. Condo in Tel-Aviv that a daughter has appropriated.)


What are the chances (in your opinion) this Iran/Israel thing becomes a hot war?

And why the hell would anyone vote for Hamas who deliberately keeps them poor and blockaded?


Grow me some olives please. Haha.


Just grapes. Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan and Shiraz. We bottle a bit, but mainly supply the Rothschild winery with kosher grapes for some uppity kosher wines. It’s kind of a make-work project for religious students with zero money.

We’ve placed in some competitions, which is pretty exciting. We have a similar micro climate as parts Napa (and, yeah, I bought some expensive French cuttings by way of Napa), so in 20 years we should be a properly-respectable wine-making country again.

No olives, at all. We do have some cork trees, but I haven’t a clue what to do with them, other than rip off the bark and say “hey this is where cork comes from” to visitors.


Hate is a powerful thing.