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How 'bout them HOGS!!! What a game! 34-31 in 2nd overtime! For anyone who doubted before, we are on the map now. Razorbacks moved up to 9th place last week... After this win I wouldn't be surprised if they moved up to 6th or even 5th. We have quite a combo with Matt Jones and Cedric Cobbs (coughHeisman*Cough!). Cobbs carried the ball 36 times and rushed nearly 200 yards against the Crimson Tide in Alabama. He is the MAN! Next stop, national championships! Hogs are 4 - 0 in the season so far and they are not stopping there.

Whew -- That game gave me even more grey hairs than I had to start with!


Horseshit!!! My Northern Illinois Creampuffers did some whoopin of Iowa State today!!! I think that Norther Illinois could beat the shit out of Arkansas in any venue. Everyone of them is going to be drafted in the first round.


Uum... Iowa played Michigan yesterday, not Illinois. Unless you are talking about some obscure division 3 teams or something. Michigan is a good team, but so far they are not ranked or undefeated. They aren't even in the same conference and won't even play eachother so I guess you won't even find out what it feels like to be crushed by the Hogs. Best of luck to your team.


Oh, THAT Iowa. Hee hee. I didn't get that game here. Yeah, NI is a good team, but they still aren't in the top 20 (maybe they will move up into the top 20 after yesterday's game).


Does Devry have a team?


Yea, but Arkansas still has to play LSU on Nov. 28 at home. It ought to be a good game. I hope we are still both undefeated by then.


I'm no Bama fan by any stretch, but Arkansas has to feel pretty fortunate to get out that game with a win. The excessive celebration call was ridiculous and cost Bama 15 yards. Instead of starting at the 25, 1st and 10. They were backed up to the 40 yard-line. This penalty made a huge difference. I hate to see a refs decision decide the outcome of a game.

My Sooners were fortunate to have beat the Tide in Tuscalusa(sp?) as well. You take win any you can.



Dustin, they lost their chance on multiple times to win. In 2nd overtime they missed a field goal attempt that would have won it, then they had the ball again on Arkansas' 18 yard, and Arkansas intercepted it, turning their last drive into a field goal. Sorry, Arkansas earned that one!


aw man...when arkansas came to bryant-denny stadium it was always a true redneck day in hell :wink: i'll never know the honor of calling one's team with a pig call.



Oh yeah? Well, uh... uh... You actually have a point there. I never really got that either.

But you can't deny that we have an awesome team this year. We just moved up in the rankings tonight to #8!!! Okay, not as dramatic as I was hoping, but 8 will do just fine!


JP, not sure why you thought they'd move up any farther than they did. You guys beat a mediocre Bama team. That doesn't warrant jumping other undefeated teams to 5 or 6.

Now, as my boy JasonL pointed out, LSU will whip your asses later this season and put an end to all this discussion. :slight_smile:

Damn, I love college football.


Well, they did move up to 8th place. Yeah, I was a bit excited... Still in post game high. We'll see on that LSU game. They are good this year, but Arkansas has some talent right now. They may surprise you.


My dream season will be for Arkansas and LSU to go undefeated up until the regular season finale. Arkansas wins, then wins the SEC championship and plays OU in the Sugar Bowl for the National Championship! I've got lots of family in Oklahoma and I will be with them during the BCS bowls!

If Arkansas had played a mistake free game Saturday the score would have been very lopsided.


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56.52 M is a metric distance if you are wondering.


Arkansas continues to amaze me with what they are able to do with their recruiting. I went to Texas A&M before moving up here.......A&M the closest university to the Golden Triangle around Houston which is consistently a recruiting hotbed. A&M, Penn State, and Texas do less with more year after year after year. Arkansas has like 4 or 5 Division I caliber high school football players in the entire damn state. Yet their university is able to be competitive. Amazing.