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Hey Guys! I'm pumped! My wife, who's been fairly unactive for a while since marriage and kids and all that, wants to start lifting!!

She's been going to Curves since New Years and is sticking to it well. But she wants me to put together a beginners program for her to do at home in between curves workouts (when she can't get to Curves) with the goal of gaining muscle to lose fat.

I'm thinking of a 3 day split: Push day, pull day, deadlift day

I have limited home equipment:
-Dumbbell handles
-Standard plates
-a crappy flat bench
-Loading pin and assorted handles

It has to be pretty basic. I think something like:
Push day:
-Db bench press
-Db shoulder press
-Tricep ext.

Pull day:
-BO Barbell rows
-Bicep curls

Deadlift Day
-Deadlifts, duh
-straight leg DL'S

Any suggestions would be great.




Check out the article "Great Ass Lunges." You might try an easier version of that, possibly in addition to or to switch off with the deads/squats. I recommend it to any female who asks for advice. It brings very quick results.


Billy while not totally related I set up a program for my mother, who is also recovering from cancer surgery, and it has worked great. She has been on it for a month with great results, and it is simple.

I used ABBH as an outline. With a squat day, dead day, hoizontal push/pull, and verticle push/pull day. With one lower body and 1 upper body day being high rep lower weight work. The other two being lower rep higher weight just as laid out in ABBH.

It just seems like a good way to start some one off and receive great results. Her strength has skyrocketed.

And it is simple to lay out, and you dont overload the person who is new to lifting. Stick to two compund movements for each day to superset, for example bench and bent over rows on horizontal push pull day, 10 sets & 5 reps. Then we added in the ab work on low body days after a few weeks.

Just a suggestion. I have to give praise to ABBH once again. It is one hell of a program that can give results great to vets of the iron game and simple enough to adapt for a newbie. Thanks for the solid program CW.



Oh just wanted to add it was very basic also as far as equipment she had nothing to start with so I went out and got her a set of DB's and an ez bar. everything is done with just those. Like the example of bench and BO rows. She is able to put the weight needed on the db's and ez bar and then just go at it, no need to swap weight or anything. Does the db presses and super set with the ez bar for the Bo rows. Knock em out an go rest.

Also use DB squats, and DB lunges, etc. Like I said it s basic and easy to adapt, while still giving great results.



Thanks Phill Squats are a bit of a problem be cause I don't have a rack. I guess dumbells would work for the weight she'd be using. How about barbell hack squats?