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Wooo...You're Getting Fat!

I’m just posting this as a reminder to all the guys who are newer to the game and ahead of the gang by seeing the benefits of quality bulks. Instead of cutting from 150 pounds when first starting out.

There are many people who don’t understand that simple “weight gain” is not equal. Sure, if a guy or gal is gaining a huge gut and fat around their body’s and face at a rapid pace while claiming to be bulking are questionable.

But many times if you are gaining predominatly muscle, people will see you look wider and larger and assume you are just getting “fat”.

I remember when I was on a quality bulk and a saw a college acquaintance after 3.5 months he first said “Wooo…you got fat”. My bodyfat levels had hardly raised at all (I kept logs), and I had little gain in my stomach area, that was invinisble with a shirt on. Others have looked at me with curiousity not being able to tell why I look bigger but not fat, lol.

People will also pick at your food, while eating bad is considered hip and is accepted gaining size, and eating differently makes many others feel inferior.

so… dont bulk unless your willing to add some fatt or look like you added some fat

Yup, fat carb junkies will insist on protein being unhealthy.

I heard it again on the radio today: we eat to much meat.

On the other hand, I also heard pet food is often healthier than human food because it has more protein.

So now the genii are wondering. They keep stuffing more carbs in their mouth, but no matter how many carbs they eat, it simply won’t raise their protein intake.

It must be a paradox I guess.