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I won some Surge!
I won some Surge!
I’m gonna drink it all!
I’m gonna drink it all!

(Bonus points to anyone who knows what the hell that is a paraphrase of!)

I would like to thank the academy for awarding me this Surge. It’s nice to see that years of toiling in total anonymity finally paid off.

Is that in reference to Homer Simpson and Duff Beer?

Oh, good guess but NO! Homer may have done something similar, but if he did he stole it from someone else.

If you were in high school in the early '80’s (damn I’m old) you might know what it was.


I have to go with Eddie Murphy and his ice cream bit from his stand up routine.

Make sure you don’t drop it:

“You dropped your Suu-urge”
“You dropped your Suu-urge”

We have a winner!

I didn’t know if anyone else even remembered that long ago, back when Eddie Murphy was funny.

no marinersfan, thats

i got some ice cream
i got some ice cream
you cant afford it
you cant afford it!

The best part of the show was when he was talking about his family reunion and his dad was drunk trying to get the grill going and set his uncle on fire, and his aunt Bonnie fell down the stairs, and she was really a bigfoot that he shaved and taught her to speak…

I’m going to have to find a copy of this again. Anyone know if it’s on DVD?

i liked when all his friends were making fun of him because they had mcdonalds and he had some fucked up hamburger that his mom made.

Congrads! Surge is the BOMB!

P-Dog, not sure what you mean by your comment. It looks like we are talking about the same thing.

I think we wore the tape out on the Eddie Murphy routine. That was some good stuff.