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Damn, this is starting out to be a great day. I survived Tropical Storm Gaston, yesterday with only minor tree damage and no power since 7:00 am. I had to wait in long lines for food and gas yesterday evening. There was still no power this morning at my house or gym, so no lifting this morning. Then, I get to work…

…and find out I won the Beat Our Caption Contest. This is great. I am well stocked on the Low-Carb GROW! and now I look forward to trying the Classic. Thanks T-Nation for all the good info, insights, and, especially, the free GROW!


Have not had a chance to communicate with you lately, how is the training going? Hope you are doing well!


Everything is going well. Thanks for asking. Training is going well. I am, currently working on the hardest of my goals for the year which is to be able to see definition in my abs by Christmas. It’s not helping that I’m bulking right now but progress is coming along. How about you? Everything good with you?

Yea, Rich thanks-Getting closer to 40 consecutive dead hang Chins!

Everything else is pretty much the same strength and conditioning wise.

Well, power was back on last night so, things are back on track. Hit the gym at 5:00 am this morning and feel great. It’s amazing how much better I sleep with the A/C on. Oh well, back to work.