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Hello all. My first real post here on T-Nation. I felt like posting this thread because today I hit two goals that I had been looking forward to for weeks.

This morning when I stepped on my scale for my usual Saturday morning weigh in I weighed in at 99.6 kg. Meaning that I am under one hundred kilos for the first time for a long time now. Which is pretty sweet. That makes for a total of 8kg lost in the last six weeks. This made me, understandably, very happy.

So when I head to the gym later in the day, I’m stoked. Bursting with energy it seems. I head to the bench press and warm up. I’m doing an EDT program I saw in an article here a few weeks back which has you doing one big compound movement at the start of every workout and today it’s the bench.

So I load up a weight for my work sets that I’ve always failed to beat before, it’s been teasing me for a two months now, 85kg. Well, today I crushed it and made it my bitch. I’ll be loading up 90kg next week.

Well, that was all. I just wanted to share what made my day awesome.

Good going. it’s always a great feeling when you reach a goal that you’ve been busting your ass to achieve. baby steps all the way…