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Woodrow Wilson, Worst President in History


Now some might say that Woodrow Wilson was a disgrace for dragging the US into the War to end all Wars, snicker, or imprisoning dissenters, dispending habeas corpus and other irrelevant shit like that, but the cause for his eternal damnation is of course a different one.

By allowing the production of the automobile, he personally, PERSONALLY, destroyed the horse buggy industry, with all the small companies surrounding it, like the ones that mades whips, or cleaned the horse manure off the road.



I was composing a list of my top 5 all time worst presidents and he was in my top three.


Some might say that a guy from Austria who thinks Woodrow Wilson was a 'disgrace for dragging the US into the War' and 'personally, PERSONALLY, destroy(ing) the horse buggy industry' is an idiot. Then again, after defending Ahamdinejad and 'sniker(ing)' at the First and Second World Wars one might also suspect a psychiatric disorder: sociopath, personality disorder?




Dolt? Please describe the utopian world we'd all be living in had the Schlieffen Plan not been altered. I'd also like to hear about how we'd all still be riding around in horse buggies if it weren't for Woodrow Wilson, the Lusitania fabricator.



Orion is a nutjob. Excluding the horse and buggy shite he's actually being serious, not sarcastic. He spewed forth this crap before regarding Woodrow Wilson's Lusitania 'fabrication'. He also bemoaned the end of the Habsburg and Hohenzollern dynasties implying we would be better off had Germany won the First World War.



How dare you!

I came right out and said it.


Well, he happens to be correct. The Lusitania was packing arms for England, the Germans had warned that all ships violating neutrality laws were fair game (and they were) and Wilson allowed it any way.

Not to mention Wilson gave us the Federal Reserve.

Worst 3:



Na, just because divers have brought ub around 15000 cartridges of .303 ammunition, the British standard ammunition in WWI, or the Germans bought advertising space to warn Americans to board the Lusitania, or the British Navy refused to protect the Lusitania, or she travelled extra slow to "conserve coal"...

Move along citizens, nothing to see here.

Anyhow, that shitz dont matter, he did not stand in the way of the auto industry, does destroying American jobs that he could have easily saved.


As a sidenote, if a party in a war declares that you should not board a ship because it might smuggle weapons and might be sunk why not board it?

I mean, what could possibly happen?


There is a place for Lyndon Baines Johnson the 36th President of the United States as one of the worst Presidents of all time. He served from the time that John Kennedy was assassinated in November of 1963 to the end of the only full term that he served in 1969.

The reason that I feel Johnson deserves a place in the top 3:

  1. He raised taxes to fight a war on poverty that we lost miserably BECAUSE of his efforts. Expanding welfare and beginning a great transfer of wealth from those who actually earned it to those who did nothing to deserve it. And of course as we can see today he helped create an entitlement society. As we all know when someone hands you something for free that does not encourage you to work for it. It has the opposite effect.

  2. He expanded the government in many ways including the department of education. Taking away power from the states and handing it to the federal government.

  3. Signed into law the (most far reaching) gun control act of 1968.

  4. Was the President who got us into the Vietnam war by committing 550,000 ground troops by 1967. American soldiers were dying at a rate of 1,000 per day.

I could go on and on, Johnson was a failure of epic proportions. And while I do not deny that Wilson and FDR were very bad Presidents I'd have to say that Johnson ranks in the top three worst Presidents of all time. And an argument could be made that he was in fact the worst.


Well, in that case, lets hear it for William Henry Harrison, who had the decency of dying unceremonously of pneumonia just 32 into office.

He indeed was a shining example to be emulated, alas, few elected politicians have the intestinal fortitude.


Nice list, although I put FDR just a hair above Lincoln.



I have heard you bring up LBJ before and I never gave his Fail much thought, but I think you are starting to convince me that he deserves a high ranking on the shit list of Presidents.


If only this had happened to Woodrow Wilson in 1912.


Eh, what's the point...


Orion you crazy coot....I don't think people are getting your joke.



If for no other reason(s), and there are a multitude of reasons for their rule to be a stellar period in time.....

von List

von Liebenfels


von Mackensen.



What happened to Lincoln being the worst prez ever for ridding the American people of their silly, litle notion called self-determination...?


A list of the worst presidents...A tough one.

  1. Abraham Lincoln
  2. Woodrow Wilson
  3. F.D. Roosevelt
  4. Lyndon B. Johnson
  5. most of the rest...