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Wood Came Back After Protocol Changes

Initial protocol was 1X per week 200 MG injection of test, IM, with very low dose armidex (i’m an overresponder), no HCG. I rarely ever got wood, although body composition changes and blood work improved. Now after ready many posts and stickies for awhile, I’m made some changes to protocol:

  1. went from 200mg 1X per week intracmusuclar to 80mg 2x per week Sub-C (may even reduce dose)
  2. started HCG 250 iu EOD
  3. stopped armidex completely.
    Morning wood has been strong for past 6 days straight!!
    May finally be getting protocol dialed in !!
    BTW i’ve been on TRT for 9 months. Definitely takes a while to get dialed in.
    I’d recommend following the stickies from the start, even if you have a good doctor.
    Thanks KSMAN and Systemlord.

With this change E2 might be building. So stay observant.

Great news so far. Not the first time 200mg has not worked out.