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Woo hoo! New 'bells

I work out at a “fintess and raquetball center,” and until this week, the heaviest dumbells in the gym were 100’s. Well, today, to my delight, I saw a new pair of 115’s in the middle of the floor. After my workout, I went to the manager’s office and thanked him for getting the new 'bells and told him I’d be putting them to good use. He had a confused look on his face. Maybe he was trying to figure out what a 5’2" 128 lbs. guy would be doing with 115’s! :D)

Bodyweight exercises?

I think I’d wonder too.

Curls, of course!

Ok, maybe not. But i can sure use them for shrugs! Maybe I have strong traps for my size, but I really don’t understand when someone twice my size grabs a pair of 50’s to do dumbell shrugs. I don’t see how most people could get any type of workout with those.

I was doing so many reps with 100’s that I finally quit doing them all together, and started doing bar shrugs. Currently, I do a shrug at the top of my deadlifts.

Damn, for me to do the same percentage of my bodyweight, I’d have to have a 220 in each hand.