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Woo Hoo! I Did It!


Okay, guys, after months of training for it I finally went to my instructor certification (Phase A)& I found out I passed! It was the hardest week of my life, my friend who came with me ended up in the hospital for 5 days due to over-enthusiastic leg kicks from his partner.

The two things that worked most heavily in my favor were 1- my instructors at home are a bunch of demanding, merciless, nit-picking slavedrivers. And 2- I'm used to training/sparring with guys, so my female partner at Phase wasn't able to hit me as hard as my usual partners, even when she was giving me her worst. I've already started teaching my own classes & its going really well.

Thanks to you guys for all your great advice & support.


Awesome news! I forget what certification you went for though.


congrats! very happy for u




congrats. beautiful and an instructor. that's a deadly combo.




Krav maga instructor level 1


Congratulations Parker! Kickass!


Congrats! You've shown a sharp intellect coupled with a powerful dedication to the art. I'm sure you'll turn out top-notch students.

You earned it!


Thanks, y'all! Sweet sweet!


Congrats Miss.P
Teaching is a blast, you are going to love it,
nice work.



Awesomeness. The achievements earned through blood and sweat are the sweetest.


Congrats,Miss P.....I might have to come down to Austin and visit. I will be in Austin this weekend at Competitive Training Center for some sparring.


Congrats, teaching is a great way to focus on the details of your own learning however it is important to make sure that you make time for your own development (a problem I am having at the moment.)


Hey, Big Boss, look for Omar Garza at CTC this weekend. He's a friend of mine & a great teacher (BJJ purple belt). If you feel like it, come train with us at Fit and Fearless in South Austin, we'd love to have you. Are you training with Phil Cardella while you're down here, too?


Mmm, yeah, I can already see this is going to be an issue. Trying to nip that in the bud.


edit: He's from XFC Training Center/Grappler's Domain in Cedar Park,right??

My coach and a few other guys are still rolling with Phil on the weekends....I haven't had a chance to come down yet. I've been concentrating on the Muay Thai with hopes of getting my name out there for fights in the near future...and I've been teaching beginners class as well.

After then,I will be focused on bringing my BJJ up to par....and try to get down to Phil's on the weekend and get my ass handed to me..lol.


Congrats, Parker!


Mmmm, nope, it's CTC - Competitive Training Center. Hell, for all I know he trains at the other place, too. ?? Anyway, I hope you have fun in Austin!

And thanks, DJwlfpack!! Its good to see you around!