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Won't Someone Stop those Pesky Kochs?



[tongue firmly implanted in cheek, as the author notes]


Maybe this sinus cold has diminished my capacity for humor, but that writing would be much more noticeable and relevant without the cheeky interwebz comments.

A number of great points about their philanthropy are hidden due to the writing style. (or maybe it's the sinuses.)


The style assumes one has a familiarity with the attack lit on the Kochs (and by extension, libertarians) - if not, imagine the horde of commenters on the left most closely resembling Glen Beck were going off one someone, and you'll have a good idea.


The writing style was in jest... He took the assumed role of the common internet "troll" for satire... Because its obvious(in his view) that hes not trolling and its obvious that these guys don't need to be stopped, contrary to what the opposing side might say. - That's how I interpreted it at least and I thought the writing style was appropriate and witty.


Biggest funders of anti-climate change media. Oil men. Great job guys.


Yes how dare they speak out against a scam.


Its because of the Kochs that you believe its a scam. You have been manipulated.


No, it is the Sun and always has been the sun. The CO2 charts are unable to explain the warming of the 40's and 50's; but there is 400 years worth of data that you can use to show sun spots are what cause this.


We are in a period of declining sunspot activity and global temperature is increasing. Won't it be great when we enter the upswing part of the cycle?


Also temps are falling, have been for a while. Or did you hibernate this winter? You may have noticed it was colder then average. Temps are falling, everyone is seeing this, that is why they had to change their name from Global Warming to Climate Change.

Actually a simple google check will show you last year was colder then average in many months, getting colder with the decline of sunspots.

All you got for last year is July 11-14. And surprise sunspots where active around this time.


Werry interesting. To the research chamber.


I just recently learned about sunspots myself, I sent you a video through PM. Have been researching it for about 2 months or so now, and I must say it explains a lot.



I've been saying this for literally YEARS...

So no fuck that it's because of me that the Koch's believe it is a scam. I implanted those thoughts in their heads about 5 or so years ago.


Please explain to me what makes the Koch bros libertarian?

How can people that are against liberty be considered libertarian?


You just linked to a 4 month old thread. Good job.


Thank you, did you bother to read the first page of said thread? I'm sorry I wasn't a part of T-Nation that many years ago and I'm sorry that there weren't any other threads pertaining to global warming then. Point is I had those beliefs long before the Kochs where in the picture... Good job missing completely... Honestly though I have no idea when the Koch's actually came into the picture...... Bleeeeh this is still irrelevant you said "Its because of the Kochs that you believe its a scam." And I showed you that's bullshit.


"Well the private sector is too busy throwing money at the denial side to actually do anything about it so it would appear its up to governments."

^I made this post in that thread with the Kochs specifically in mind. They have been in business far longer than five years. My guess is that they've been funding videos like the one John S. sent me for nearly as long.

When were the Kochs not "in the picture?" Just because they have showed up only recently in the news that manages to cross your desk doesn't mean that they haven't been in the picture.


Okay well weather or not you believe it(as it is evident you don't) the Koch brothers really are not the fucking apotheosis of this thought... if you must know this first crossed my mind many years ago at a thanksgiving diner when a relative professor of mine first presented some interesting questions on the subject. It is not the Koch brothers making people think this... I'm sorry that is flying past you.

Also, your never going to tell me I hadn't been preaching these same things for years getting laughed at... I know very well what I have been saying and like alot of other things I have said it was not greeted kindly... Ahead of its time...

Anyway I can't believe we are arguing about what came first as if it matters. With the hare award thrown aside I would like to see you tell me why the Koch brothers should not be listened to - as you implied when you said they were manipulating us. Manipulating us to what end, what profit? Are they buying up all the land that will soon be sea front property when the water levels rise 20 feet for themselves to make a huge profit? That would be putting your money where your mouth is... But nobody is doing that so for now I can be absolutely positive that nobody with money actually believes this bullshit. The weather changes... It's a fucking ball hurling through space NO SHIT the weather will fluctuate. It is nothing but an exercise in man's ego to think he is the cause or that he is powerful enough to cause a new fucking ice age or whatever fucking Day After Tomorrow bogus theories people have now a days. You mother fuckers aren't nearly as important as you want to make yourselves, and in my opinion that's the root emotional cause behind this bullshit...

Here let me archive this thread so however many years from now when oil is gone and a new source of energy miraculously appears and life continues as normal I can win the hare award for the next eli...


If you can't see why men invested in industrial production want to discredit anthropogenic climate change I think you and I had better part ways.


OHHHH Now its the other side trying to discredit your theories? Hahaha Okay, I did not know I had to discredit something that had no evidence! I guess I'll be on my way.