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Wonky Sex Drive


I get 250mg test E on Monday and again on Thursday. I’m also taking 0.5mg adex EOD.

On days I don’t take adex, I have little to no sex drive. On the days I do, it’s completely the opposite. As I get shots on Mon and Thu, sometimes my EOD dose of adex is taken the morning of the shot and my sex drive is in overdrive.

I’ve tested E2 on a Thursday, without adex dosing, and it came back at 20 (near perfect).

My question… do you think 0.25mg adex ED would “cure” these ups and [literal] downs, or would this dose crash my E2 since it came in at a moderately low range with 0.5mg EOD already?


Try dosing it at 0.5mg every day, instead of every other day.