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WonderWoman! ;)

I think Catherine Bell would make a kickass WonderWoman. Admittedly not a character I followed too much. However today I opened up a Stuff magazine and I saw her and it was like BAM! she is a perfect WonderWoman. Alright nerds!!! What do you think? :wink:

Uh, who is she?

She’s the lady who plays the Marine Lawyer or whatever on J.A.G

My opinion of her is skewed because I can’t stand that fucking show.

She is the girl on jag. But check out these pics. :wink:


A picture is worth a thousand words.

Good start. It respects WW`s most striking feature: her rack. Yeah, like any body can relate to some babe with near-Godlike abilities in her comics for, hummmm, real-life inspiration. ;0)

She’s gross.

I was only able to stare at her pictures for 45 minutes. Ahhhhhhh

I just thought she was tall and elegant. Amazingly beautiful. I’ve also heard she is very athletic. She needs to put on some muscle to play wonderwoman though. Yes Dan her rack is WonderWoman class. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: