Wondering on Injectable B12

Does anyone use the intramuscular/SQ injection form of B12?

I’m just curious as to the possible benefits over oral use (other than the obvious increase in bioavailability). I just found out my local pharmacy carried B12 vials and I was just looking into it if it’s worth the trouble.


I’ve used it on and off several times, nothing worth noting.

I’ve done weekly dosing with larger gauges and smaller, daily dosing with slin pins.

Usually only when I’m completely covered on everything else do I pull out the B-12, I would attribute my increased performance more to better diet, other supplimenting and better sleep than the b-12.

But I’m a big fan of giving things a shot to see how they work for me, you mind find you really notice a difference because, obviously, you aren’t me and you might respond differently.

I do. It will increase your appetite but you have to inject ED. Some brands are estered and will allow for injections twice a week. You don’t absorb much orally thats why they have an injectable version. I’ve been doing a b12 shot EOD with a sublingual on alternating days. Haven’t tried the estered version yet.

Is the stuff legal to obtain w/o script in the States or do I need to order from a research site?