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Wondering If My Anavar Will Be Real?


Hey guys,

I am looking to get some anavar from a local source and wondering how to tell if it is true 10mg anavar or if it cut dbol. I have heard a lot of stories of sellers using 2mg of dbol and selling it as anavar. I defiantly don't want to pay the anavar price for a non-anavar substance. I understand that you would have to do a chemical breakdown in a lab but does anyone (maybe a chemist background) know to do any simple tests by breaking the pill apart and testing the mixture?

Any info would be greatly appreciated!



From my source, I've gotten 10 pills of Dianabol, Turanabol, Winstrol, Anavar and Anadrol for sample since I bought alot of gear at once.

He told me that Dianabol and Turanabol will turn yellow if you lick it because it contains alot of testosterone, Winstrol and Anadrol will turn blue, and Anavar will turn red.

So I tried, and it worked, not 100% accurate I guess, but it will give you a pinpoint.


So i guess its similar to a PH test? Thanks for the info I will look into it more.


arnoth I started looking pretty hard for more info on the PH things if you want to take a look here is the link:


This is one of the most retarded things Ive ever seen posted on this forum.


Dianabol and Turinabol contain NO testosterone. They (should) be Methandrostenolone and chlordehydromethyltestosterone, respectively.

Steroids dont change colors. Theyre not made of fun dip powder, jesus christ. Per usual, the source is lying to make a buck.


Yah fucking hillareous actually.

welcome to the black market buddy.


Haha fun dips!!

Sorry guys just wondering if there were any extra precautions that I could take not to get ripped off. There are studies done using testosterone in that article and numerous others I found that when added with different test can distinguish between testosterone and many other variants.

No offense to arnoth but it did seem a little far fetched.

Thanks for the help tho, anything helps.


Actually, I need to call bullshit on you BONEZ. You should think before speaking. You are wrong flat out. Different steroids do have different colors. There is an entire field of chemisty called spectrography, which studies the colors different molecules make.

The basic premise of spectrography is see the colors of molecules when theyre burned. You can simplify this idea for at home chemistry.

Place one pill of the steroid out, and light it on fire. It might not be able to catch fire because the binders and fillers. So, you might need to just hold the flame on it. The steroid should create a colored flame. If the flame is purple or deep red, it's legit anavar.

Here's an exmaple to prove it works. Magnesium choride burns a blue flame http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_color_flame_is_magnesium_when_burned_with_oxygen

Further reading: http://jchemed.chem.wisc.edu/JCESoft/CCA/CCA2/MAIN/FLAME/CD2R1.HTM


Well that's what I got told, Im still new to the game, and I agree, it sounded funky, so I tested it.
I kept the Anadrol pills for myself and gave the other pills to 4 people and everyone of us noticed it, so the pills were legit, but anyways, Im not here to fight, I just told what I've experimented with.

On my first cycle I had a sample of 50 turanabol tablets and they didn't turn yellow when you licked it, so I guess each "UGL" got their form for legitimaty thingie, dunno.

and hey, Im here too learn :wink:


STFU jackass. He said change color when licked, as in taking the pill and runing your tongue across it. I said specifically that they dont change color when you lick them.

Youre the definition of fucking moron.

Edit: well I edited my post a minute after I posted it to include that they dont change colors from licking them. It didnt go through. No shit steroids change colors in laboratory testing. Some other guy posted a link to a study done with sulfuric acid. Do you think I didnt read that?

Youre another example of someone who thinks he knows more than he does. How in world does a flame test apply as proof for a dealer telling his buyer that steroids change color when licking them?? It doesnt, your whole post is irrelevant.
Stop posting on this board, you are a complete waste.


Wait, did you do this with pharmaceutical grade tablets?


Lover95, please shut the fuck up. At best you will confuse people, at worst you will get someone fucking killed with your stupid posts.


I am beginning to think that all dealers should just be flat out honest.. ha ha ha.

Now if this spectrometry test were to be used to test avanavar how do you know that the purple or deep red flame will be created? Is it the dihydrotestosterone thats burning or another filler?

I think that this will lead to a "dog chasing it's tail" situation. Thanks for your helps guys, its great to have a foundation of knowledge backing you up.


Anyways, sorry if I said something stupid, just told how the pills I got reacted and they worked, I guess.


Were they pharm grade or UGL?


UGL as far as I know.


This is the funniest thread I have read in a while. You would think that such a simple test, that everyone would have known about it for years. "lick your shit to see if it's ligit"




I thought itd be obvious to anyone with a functioning brain that drug dealers lie.

It would be insanely simple to add kool aid or gatorade powder, or even simple food dye to the hormone powder as filler. Cap it or press it into a pill. Fruit punch gatorade powder + X powder = UGL var that turns red when you lick it OMGG ITS REALLL


People say you're all assholes on here, but damn, the fact that you're actually compelled to deal with these guys is a testament to your will and fortitude.