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Wondering If I'm Just Paranoid About New Dealer

Hello all
I have a few cycles under my belt at least 7 but this time around I have had to use another a new supplier my guy has moved away so had to resort using somebody I did not know he knows his stuff well but as bodybuilders living in the east of Canada will tell you the supply is run by people with a wing and death head on their back so I am told ,a little nervous or paranoid need to get some Dbol, but this whole fentanyl things has me wondering if the same people who are sell the supply that I need and also selling and making drugs for the local drug heads wondering if I am not putting a loaded gun to my head, the last guy I knew well as a fellow bodybuilder who used the same stuff so wondering what some of you think and no I am not going or willing to go the mail root thanks in advance .

You need to get online. Find a good quality forum that has domestic sponsors and is user reviewed/rated. Most suppliers will not sell to an unknown, so get yourself some posts on the board, participate in some discussions and then find a supplier that has good ratings and uses a secure email for orders.

Otherwise you are just looking for trouble.