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Wondering About Doing a Split-Routine

hi! im 24 years old and have been doing a fullbody workout for about 6 months. since im frequently adding exercises to my routine, its beginning to get too demanding to do all of the exercises in the same workout, so im thinking about doing a split-routine. lets say i split up all the exercises on 3 seperate days, it will be easier to train and i can train harder, but im used to train every muscle group every otherday, so will the lack of frequency destroy some of my progress? if i do a split-routine i wont be training the same muscle group more often than every 5-6 days… thats a long time.

should i increase the number of sets and be training more intensely to compensate for the lack of frequency? whats your experience with doing splits?

From doing full body i would suggest you try a 2day split - this will allow you to increase volume significantly before splitting further.

As per your worry about the drop in frequency… this is made up for a higher workload and meeting the demand for more recovery.

Don’t sweat that - i swear.

It may be detrimental if you were to reduce frequency but keep all other progression variables the same (load, intensity, volume, rest periods, etc.) as you would be taking a step down in the total work you do… that is not however the case.

need help guys…

By dedicating more time and energy to individual muscle groups, you will be able to use more weight and give more intensity to create a greater growth response. Don’t worry about your frequency, a muscle gets bigger when you make it stronger, and I doubt you would be able to add weight to an exercise if you’re doing it every other day anyhow.

It’s up to you how you want to train, but most beginners start on a 3 or 4 way split, and work 2 or 3 related muscle groups a day.

thanks guys. i dont train with weights actually, but i do exercises like front lever, back lever, iron cross, planche, human flag, 90 degree pushups and so on.

There is a conditioning forum for that.

This forum is for beginning bodybuilders.

[quote]mr popular wrote:
There is a conditioning forum for that.

This forum is for beginning bodybuilders.[/quote]

im a bodybuilder. theres other ways besides weigttraining to gain musclemass you know

its true :slight_smile: