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Wonder Woman

Okay, thought I’d throw this out here. “This” is the now completed cover of Wonder Woman #193. That is my butt, my body ('cept for the breats).

Adam has been extremely kind to email me the completed jpegs of the covers. So far, my form is on 191, 192 (Adam even used my face on this one), 193, 194 and 195.

I’m working on coming down to Atlanta again sometime in July for another shoot.

Just thought I’d throw something out that wasn’t war, politics, girl issues related.

I like you and respect your intellect Patrica and that being the case I will not, repeat NOT be making any wise ass Breast related comments here.

Nice Ass though.


“Never comment on a woman’s rear end. Never use the words “large” or “size” with “rear end.” Never. Avoid the area altogether. Trust me”

~ Tim Allen

Hughes is an incredible artist and from the looks of that pic, you have an incredible body!

How did you hold that pose long enough for him to sketch it out?


A good corollary to your Tim Allen quote (which may also be by Tim Allen, I’m not sure):

Never use the words “naked” and “Grandma” in the same sentence.


Ive said it before I’ll say it again: “Your a wonder_ful piece of work!” If you don’t mind me saying Ko?

Da Boxer

Yeah, I was wondering if we could see the original photos for this particular layout. You know, for, uh… purposes of artistic comparison and all…

If you need help getting around Atlanta…let me know…


that is exceptionally cool Patricia :wink: righ’on

 What a sweet tight ass...

 Patricia, you got skills;)
 God bless your artistic inclination...

Bet you had fun posing for that :slight_smile:

It’s 2:23am and I’m horny. This will suffice.


Thats awesome Patricia! Thanks for sharing the pic. I agree with Cupcake…nice boobs…haha. Only 1 WEEK till The Matrix!!! yeah baby

 Patricia you have the sweetest ass.

Let’s try this again…

Er…thanks…I think…?

Adam didn’t sketch me as I posed. It was a photo shoot using a digital camera. The entirety of the shoot took a bit over 3-hours on a Saturday. For the “flying” shots, I either had to balance on a stool or Adam had to get up on a wall and look down on me as I “flew” upwards to him. This was done outside in the cold.

Adam is a terrific artist and it was an honor to work with him. BTW: he’s been nominated for a 2003 Harvey Award as Best Cover Artist. The Harveys are comic’s oldest and most pretigious awards. Another nominee is Dave “DevilPig” Johnson for his work on 100 Bullets (great stuff, too!).

I’ll post another cover “in progress”: for #194. I didn’t really hold onto a lightning bolt. And again, them are not my breasts! Well, basically Adam has enlarged my chest size to “Wonder Woman” proportions.

And TonyG: got my tickets for next Saturday (Matrix:Reloaded), the 7:20PM showing. Also, picked up the current issue of Time magazine. Be warned: they outline the movie right up to the ending!

Oopsers…pic didn’t post. And I think I know why. So, fixed it and here it is: cover in progress, of #194.

Great posts, thanks Patricia. Is the artist the same guy that did the first 10 issues or so of the “new” Justice League back in the early 90’s? Looks like his work.

Patricia, did it hurt when you grabbed that lightning bolt?

Why yes, Chris it did. Also, my hair is now naturally frizzy.

Dude, she’s side pressing the lightning! It’s like a combination of Arthur Saxon and Metallica, with a heapin’ helpin’ of the Justice League thrown in.

Joel, Joel, Joel. I can’t believe you just said that.

Remember, kids–drinking and posting don’t mix.


You know I’m kidding, Joel.

I used the Wonderbut pic for my computer wallpaper for one day. My daughter complained profusely.

Did they let you keep the costume? (KO would love that wouldn’t he?)

I’ll be sure to try to get these comic books. It is nice that Wonder Woman is now a real T-Vixen.