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Wonder Woman Is The Greatest Film Ever Made

And if you don’t think so, you’re a sexist pig. Watch what happens:


Really funny, with that bite of reality behind it that makes it even funnier.
Love your work!

Thank you! Much appreciated.

The read head is beautiful. Good vid.

Thanks! And I will let her know!

I liked the movie a lot and I was totally expecting to be underwhelmed – but I feel like this guy definitely. It can be boiled down to a pile of regular 'ol superhero movie clichés. But I say sit back and let the ladies enjoy it because while I know lots of women love action movies, it’s not too often you see the roles reversed in this way.

Good stuff, well made

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Absolutely. Completely agree. I just have to bite my tongue when it’s referred to as “a great film”

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I thought Wonder Woman was awesome but I’m already a sexist pig since I thought the Ghostbusters remake was a steaming pile of shit and Arrival was a self-important adolescent fantasy.

Yes, you are clearly sexist and don’t believe women can be as funny as men if you don’t like the horrible Ghostbusters remake.

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Well executed satire based on some of the unfortunate realities of modern day life… personally I’m beginning to think those MGTOW guys might be on to something ; )

Haha… I had to google MGTOW. And I would say that, no, these knuckleheads are clearly not on to something! I’d describe myself as “supportive of feminism all the way up until you tell me I can’t make jokes about women”

yeah those guys do seem to be on the extreme… the development of ‘equality’ has had some amusing turns for certain though :wink:

The double standards are everywhere - for example if you created the same video but reversed the sexes it might be considered politically incorrect by some

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