Wonder Woman Cover Artist!!!

FYI: Every year at the Comic-Con International, the Eisner Awards are held. The Eisners are to comic books/graphic novels what the Academy Awards are to the movie industry.

This year, Adam Hughes, artist extraordinaire of DC Comic’s “Wonder Woman” was one of the excellent nominees for “Best Cover Artist”

He WON!!!

Sorry, but I just wanted to share my elation for such a great artist and person. I just heard the news and am sooooo happy for this man!

I can see why he won. Her tits are like 75% fallen out of her top.

That is great.
Was the winning entry one of the ones you posed for?

I looked at some of his other work and it’s really good. Thanks for mentioning him. Do you like Alex Ross? I’m a big fan – especially of Kingdom Come. Wonder Woman kicks an ass or two that and I think it’s the best treatment of Superman ever.

Hyphnz: I’m not sure. Although the nominees were announced after two of the issues that I had posed for had hit the stands. Pretty sure that Adam will give me the full scoop as soon as he’s back from San Diego! Can’t wait!

Jim: While I do love Alex’s work in Kingdom Come, I find most of his stuff too static for my tastes. I have always been a admirer of Adam’s stuff since it’s the complete opposite of Alex’s work; full of life and movement.

BTW: the pic I posted here is from WW #195. It hasn’t been released yet (later this week) - so, I’m givin’ y’all a preview! And that’s my physique, but those are not my breasts. ahem

Love the sense of power! Great cover. :wink:

“?but those are not my breasts.”

Prove it. ;^)

Congratulations on having a winning body.

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