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Wonder if the Robo-Skeleton Can Squat

I considered just adding this to Geek Shit, but I don’t think it’s in line with the spirit of that thread.

All kidding aside, this IS pretty cool. It’s essentially a robo-skeleton that allows those paralyzed from the waist down to walk, climb stairs, etc.

Video of a guy using it is part of the story.


That’s very cool. It reminds me of that robotic arm that someone started a thread about a while back.

Robotics is up and coming with regard to handicapped people. Its a great move in the right direction, still not perfect but getting better.

This will revolutionize Powerlifting.

Its great that they found a way to help handicapped people walk, but i garuntee someone out there will abuse this, im guessing one of those fantasy feeder people.

I guarantee you the following:
Senior people will suffer from this technology.

The elderly are often unhealthy as shit because they sit on their fatty asses and eat f+k*n crap all day.
Everyone who’s worked with seniors know their mobility can improve mightily when they’re forced to work out (for example with light weights).
Give grandpa a stairlift and his legs will deteriorate. Give him a determined physiotherapist and he will be able to climb stairs again.
Robot legs and arms will create cripples the same way these minicars create obese people.