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Won FFC Fight

Just a little note for those who follow the scene, I won my fight in the Freestyle Fighting Championship in Biloxi on Friday with a kimura from side mount in the first round.

It was a very well-run show, and I’ve got my sites set on the light-heavyweight title next year.

I’ll post some pics as soon as I get them.

Hey, congratulations!

What are your stats? Height, weight, body fat, squat, deadlift, overhead press…mothers maiden name…okay skip the last one.

210 lbs
Bodyfat %- Most people would say 5%, but I know better. I’d guess 8%.

I honestly haven’t a clue what my max numbers are. Before I started fighting, my best ever #'s were a 425lb bench, 525lbs 3-rep max squat, 595lbs deadlift, no clue on the OH press. Those are all unassisted lifts.

I’d guess that my current numbers would come in about 20% less than these, but that could be off. I do, however, know that current Jason could beat up the Jason that posted those numbers, and that’s what counts for me right now.

Oh, and sorry that I wrote “sites” instead of “sights” on the first post.

Right on dude. Glad to hear it. Get those pics up asap.

Great stuff, guy!

Awesome and congrats! Do post up some pics.

nice submission to win a fight with, good job

Congrats, Jason. Great work as always.

God job!!!

nice job!!! hopefully I’ll be posting similiar news one day!

That’s awesome.


Just in time for a well deserved break for the holidays.

Might we be seeing you in HNS/Shooto or other events in that area in the near future?

Excellent work Jason! and best of luck with the light-heavyweight title.

Mike Mahler

Nice job man.

Here’s one of the pics from the fight.

Thanks for all the kind words. I’ll apprise everyone of future engagements.

Fuck you look strong as hell. I’m glad I’m not that dude… Do you have video?


Hmm. Looks like that photo isn’t working very well. Above is the link to a page it’s on. If you scroll down about 2/3 of the way, it’s the second b&w pic there. It reads “Jason Braswell” and “Freestyle Fighting Championship 7” so it’s hard to miss.

Ryno, I’ll get a DVD in about a month; I can pull off a clip then.

Nice Kimura. I have nightmares about that submission. One of my training partners can submit me while in my guard. Do you know a counter? :slight_smile:

OUCH! That looks goddamn impressive bro. My shoulder dislocated just looking at that fucking pic!