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Womens Workout


I need to get a certain woman's butt in gear and I was wondering what workout program would be recommended. She currently goes to the gym but probably only uses machines and does tri.- kickbacks. She is looking for some advice and I thought I could show her the correct way to do some good exercises but I'm trying to think of a good routine. Any suggestions?


I think this is a good place to start



ABBH 1 & 2
Very good and rather short workouts! Puts her in the gym every other day.


Just got off the phone with her and her exact words were "I don't want to get all muscular, I just want to get toned". ARGGGH!
Her current routine...leg extension, leg curl, addution machine and whatever the other one is called (abduction?) plus 100-200 reps of abs.

She hasn't worked upper body in 3 years.
This should be a lesson in futility.

I think I really need to just get her familiar with the basic compound movements, and take it from there.


Squats, bench press, seated row, lunges, shoulder press, lat pull down.


The two most important movements for women are Squat and Romanian (Straight Leg Deadlift) This works their whole leg and gluteus.

Upper body bench presses are very good also. Stay away from trapezius and neck work since most women dont really want or need a big neck.

Once she sees the results from a week or two of these compounds she will be sold.


Sounds like our women would get along well. They seem to have the same "expertise" on exercise. I take it very personally when she does not take my advice. It's like telling me I don't know what I am talking about. Do you feel the same?

I have, however, had some luck lately and I have her doing "guy" exercises.