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Womens Workout

I’d appreciate it if anyone can post the names of some of the training routines printed here for women looking to shed some pounds. I have read everything and tried faqs, searching, etc. but did not find what I was looking for. Here’s the senario, our son was born 2 1/2 years ago and some of the extra weight is still there. She used to be a competitive dancer, now she normally finds excuses to eat junk and watch tv.

Try the “don’t each junk and watch TV diet”. I hear that works for men and women. :slight_smile:

Any of the “newbie” routines on this site will work as well for a woman. Sounds like what she really needs is self motivation, to set a reasonable goal and… OHMYGOD I sound like Bill Philips! Well you know what I mean, 2yr olds can be tiring and its hard to get child care sometimes, maybe if you watched the kid while she went to the gym with a motivated girlfriend? Tell us more of the situation.

Well, I drop off and pick my son up from daycare and take him to the gym with me. She has no excuses. She used them all up over the last 6 years! She goes after I get back (if she goes at all) and the same on the weekend. I have given her routines, etc. but she seems to need a new perspective. I have tried being supportive and tried the get off your ass approach too.
I met her at a gym I worked at, dated for 2 years and got married. Since then, its been go for a month or so and take off the rest of the year. She is very impatient and expects instant results. I just want to be able to give her routines/articles to read so she will learn on her own. I already gave her some articles from this site to read.

Sounds like you need to give her some space.
Back off a bit and do your own thing… she likely feels you are pushing her and that’s a no win situation… she has to think it’s her idea… It also sounds like she’s unhappy…you treating her right, man?

Well, since I believe men & women training shouldn’t differ very much, pick any T-Mag article aimed at losing fat and get her to do that one. My girlfriend and myself are in the middle on an Ian King Limping program…There’s no reason that she can’t do any of them!!! Quit this bias of women & men need to train differently…Why!! Don’t both want to lose fat and look leaner???/

My girlfriend simply copies my routines and dietary habits. We train together, whenever our schedules permit. The only differences in our training and nutrition are that her portions of iron (weight) and food are smaller. She used to be a self-proclaimed ‘carboholic’. She quit smoking, started eating more protein and lower glycemic carbs, and started strength training with complex movements. She has lost lots of fat, replacing it with muscle. Even her hair, which has grown out 3 inches since these changes, has become 10x more healthy, according to her stylist. That last bit in itself could be a motivating factor for the ladies :).
She has accepted the moniker of “T-woman” and loves it! - Nylo

Much as I loathe the man, Bill Phillips’ book is certainly a big hit with women. Just keep saying to yourself–“he didn’t actually write it…he didn’t actually write it…” (at least, I’ve heard that it was ghostwritten). The motivational stuff that the people on this board find so cloying works quite well with some people. I would definitely not start a female newbie on one of Ian King’s complex routines. I would get her going using something like 3 sets per bodypart, 2 or 3 times per week, with frequent rotation of exercises to keep interest high. Ian King had some advice about this, incidentally, and although I can’t remember the exact specifics, he also recommended limited duration workouts for beginners.

Space??? Are you kidding? I don’t say anything to her. I tried the supportive advice but only when she brings it up. She has to do it for herself b/c she wants to, not for me. Are you married? I have 5 1/2 years + over 2 of exclusive dating. She complains every day about wanting to make a change. I NEVER bring it up. I also never tell her she looks out of shape - even after she says she looks horrible. She is NOT going to do the same workouts that I/we do here - it will never happen and forget about the Limping series. She is not nearly into it enough and never will be. She will also not put the effort into it. I was thinking of a GVT workout but I am sure she will not push too hard. I am hoping she could do something like it and maybe after time she will gradually increase the intensity and push. How do I know this?? 1) I was a trainer where she used to work out 2) She trains with my sister now and she says my wife does not push hard at all. After spending another $800 this year on a new membership, I don’t want her to stop. She joins, goes for a month and lets them expire. I do volunteer work at a local Police Station just so I can use their gym for free!

Oh, and thanks Brian…thats kinda been the route we were going with. She went for 2 months 3-4 times per week then…stopped for the last 2. She just went back Sat. and MAYBE tonight. All I can say is that I encourage it but she’s gotta do it b/c she wants to!

Maybe the routines she used to do as a dancer would be a good place to start, or a spining class(cycling). Sounds like she was competitive
at one time and needs to find something that fires her up. It may not be weightlifting, maybe Martial Arts or something along those lines.

Okay, so I keep replying to myself…can you say loser? She came home and went to the gym. She is going to start going with me from time to time for training 101. She did not read most of what I printed from the site and asked me the same old questions. I simply told her she needs to start reading and get back to me. I did tell her that she must not train too hard from what my sister says. Also, the fact that she does a set and is ready to go before my sister finishes hers is a pretty good tip off. I am gonna give her a couple weeks to get into the swing of things before messing with the routine. I’ll check for other suggestions but I agree with women and men can train the same…in her case, she has just got to be willing to do it. Thanks everyone, sorry for spilling my frustration. Bill Phillips, okay, but no EAS products!

A Girl, she tried the aerobics/dance classes, etc. but she really can’t make the times they are available. That is what she likes, she even tried going back into dancing for a bit. I could see about the martial arts thing, that would be an interesting idea but I doubt it would fly. She needs to find a friend (besides my sister) to talk about exercise and get fired up.

It may be an additional expense, but may I suggest getting a babysitter and the two of you going to the gym together? It would be like a night out… hit the pool and hot tub if your club has a pool, or do something else on the way home.I know you were a trainer, but find a woman trainer that is on the ball to work with her at least once…it’s amazing how often things only make sense to someone only when they have heard it from someone different. If nothing else at least maybe having her working with a female trainer may envoke an erotic fantasy… umm… just a thought.
The trainer at our gym was only suggesting light weights and more cardio… I finally convinced her to do squats and benches and use the machines alot less. She has gotten extremely excited by the results and is ready to hit the gym before me… part is due to the fact that the two of us are practically the only ones at the gym to use the squat rack.
She does more hardcore exercises that about 80% of the male user’s and that pumps her up… encourgagement takes many forms… worked miracles for me…or should I say us.

I hear that spiking her protein shakes with Winstrol can help…

I “encouraged” my wife to drop 15 pounds over 6 months by designing a simple circuit workout + cardio - something I could realistically talk her into doing. Try to drag her to the gym with you (if possible), this helps as well - she’ll find something to do. As far as snacking I found 5-HTP to be mildly helpful and talking her into a protein “smoothy” a day (I had to use vanilla + some fruit crap or something to keep her interested).

I can identify with your wife…and I’d like to give you some advice. First of all, I haven’t liked my body in years…I put on weight in highschool and havn’t looked back, adding two or three pounds a year adds up. I tried the gym thing, but without motivation it didn’t work. I tried going with a friend, it didn’t work…I wasted a LOT of money. (I hate thinking about that part!!!) but until i finally decided to do it FOR MYSELF i never did it…and nothing could get me off my ass.

When I started dating my boyfriend I was in another cycle of ‘going to the gym’ which meant one month of weight training and then losing interest when the novelty wore off. He and I started lifting together and that made a huge difference. Having him there to spot me and encourage me, and seeing our weights move up together was a big motivator. (look at gains in percentages, not overall weight!) I’ll never forget the day his eyes got big and he said ‘wow, you’re getting cut!’ it was an honest comment, when the gradual change all of a sudden bacame apparent. Let me tell you, it was a big motivator.

We aren’t working out together anymore, but his motivation still lingers…it sounds cheesy but when I’m struggling I pretend he’s there saying ‘come on, come on!’ and when I talk to him and tell him about my gains he encourages me more. try to never, ever be negative.

Find a way to work out with her. Your sister evidently isn’t who she needs as a motivator. (nothing against your sister.) and don’t lie about noticing differences…she’ll see through it and get less motivated instead of more.

As for results, I have a TERRIBLE time losing weight. I try and try and try and the flab refuses to move. Even with diet, exercise, whatever…so you need to help her understand that she amy not see huge size differences quickly, but have her watch lifting weight. Have her keep a workout log. Record every rep and every weight, even if she doesn’t notice a size difference you can not argue with the weights going up as evidence of results!

whatever you do don’t make it a ‘competition’ if you say ‘let’s see who can lose weight faster’ she’s gonna lose. women’s metabolisms are a LOT slower then men’s and are harder to speed up and easier to slow down. she’ll get discouraged very quickly when you melt away and she doesn’t.

Finally, the simple fact of the matter is, if she isn’t interested she’s never gonna do it. She used to dance see if she wants to start taking classes again. Two or three one hour classes a week will get her moving and (hopefully) interested…you could make it a surprise. Sign her up for the classes and say, ‘look, i gave you a present…the classes are payed for, i’ll watch the kid, go out and have a nice night…see you later!’ And go through your cupboards…stop buying junk food, don’t buy pre-prepared meals, get the crap out of your house…if it’s not there she can’t eat it (and neither can you) Lots of little changes can add up!

i hope this helps! Good luck!

Michelle, Jim & Dale - you all had some good points. I will be trying to use a bit of everyones here. Exactly what I needed, some fresh thoughts. Infinity - geez, I still can’t believe that guy would spike the shakes. Talk about a dumba$$. Never the less, it was a funny comment from you.