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Women's Pre-Workout Supplement


My girl is interested in taking a pre-work out supplement, but I didn't think giving her c4 or jack3d (supplements of that sort) would be the best decision...Are there any good supps that would be good for women?? Any help would be great!


What kind of training is she doing?


She is just doing a basic split, chest/bi’s; back/tri’s/shoulders; legs; cardio 3 days a week. She is just wants to have a little more energy and more focus while she is at the gym…she gets bored with it after being there for 20 min.


My first reaction is that if she’s bored, maybe she needs to switch up what she’s doing or learn to focus on the movement…working with a top-notch trainer for a few sessions might help considerably.

That said, I’d keep supplementation basic if she’s just starting out…protein/BCAAs and maybe a cup of coffee. I personally find that anything that boosts energy, like excess caffeine or Power Drive, also boosts distractability if you don’t already have focus.


Like llaw said - keep it basic at first. That being said don’t feel like women need special supplements. Supp companies have made a killing off of women who think they need different products. They take a basic supplement, water it down, slap “For Women” on the bottle and sell it for too much.

If she wants to use a pre-workout give her one. You might adjust the amount based on here size and prior experience with stimulants, but she doesn’t need anything different based on her gender.


Are you sure that she really is interested in a supplement, or is she perhaps not willing to tell you that she is just bored with working out, or worse, else.

Please understand I am not trying to knock you, but based on what you wrote, it seems as if her issue of focus is either lack of a clear training purpose or something outside the gym is bothering her.


I’d agree with the other posters. If she is bored I can’t imagine the training is doing much for her anyways.


just randomly tell her one night she is looking really sexy and toned from all her efforts in the gym…

Also, just so you know…I would usually charge $20 paypal for such a tip…consider yourself blessed…