Women's Powerlifter Diet

Hello all!
I’m reconfiguring my diet and wanted some opinions before I start anything…
I’m currently
190 lbs and lift 6-7 days a week
I’m looking to cut weight while keeping my muscle mass/strength…now the question is…what’s the best way to cut fat while keeping muscle? (cause I know I’m going to lose some from cutting)
I love to count my macros and I’m wondering if low carb would be a good option for me!

Let me know!
Much love

This article will probably interest you: How to Stay Strong When Dieting

Start training 4-5 days a week. I’m guessing that to maintain your current training volume you have to keep calorie intake high. “The calories don’t matter crowd” will say that you should only change food composition. But if you reduce carbs then your work capacity will suffer and your training frequency will start wrecking you.

You could add a 4 min tabata workout at the end of 3 of your workouts, you could cut some of the last few accessory lifts and do 10 min of hiit cardio (can be anything, prowler for example). Or, you can keep the same accessory movement, but instead of x sets of y, do 1 set of y to max reps to free up some time.

Or, simply cut calories the old fashioned way.

Basically, you need to either burn more calories than you do now, or eat less calories. I’m a fan of burning more personally as I love to eat and feel my body needs it to recover.

If you cut calories, then cut the carbs and fat over protein.

If you don’t know tabata, then it is basically this:
20 sec max effort, 10 sec off, 20 sec max, 10 sec off for 4 minutes total. The key is your heartrate needs to be above 190 the whole time, which is fucking hard. They say that if you don’ fall over after 4 minutes than you didn’t do it right. And, countless studies show that 4 min of tabata = 20 min of hiit = 60 min of steady state cardio.

I do KB swings at the end of most of my workouts. Helps burn quite a few extra calories…great for conditioning as well.

Contact Amit Sapir. He is a coach here on this web site and is literally one of the best if not the best when it comes to doing this and keeping your powerlifting total going he is also very affordable compared to many coaches I have met and far more knowledgeable