Women's Olympic Bar, WTF?

Thanks so much for the input! I’ve learned a ton reading. I have to admit my first thought was definitely a lot like Alexus - a large part of why I love weightlifting has to do with rebelling against those concessions to female “weakness”! I’m barely over 5’1" and I do have tiny hands. I’ll definitely go for the 33lb then - I can always get the 45lber later if I want to challenge my grip for fun! :wink:

Been hearing nothing but good things about the Pendlay bars, drooling over their sets so hard. Just gotta steel myself to drop that cash, lol.

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It takes a couple of weeks to adapt but then you’ll never want to go back! If you don’t need for deadlifts then you don’t need it but it is necessary for Oly. Also, I believe the hook grip allows a quicker release for when you turnover a clean. Grip can be a challenge with a snatch grip once it gets heavy.

It really sucks to get used to though! But I’m really glad I did. [/quote]

Do you find it tougher to hook a regular PL bar than an Olympic bar? I’ve played with hook grip when I do snatch grip deads and, of course, it hurts like a bitch.

Do you ever wrap your thumbs? Last week I was reffing a meet and one of the guys was hook gripping his deads and wrapped his thumbs with medical tape. Our rules allow it for two layers around and I was wondering if it helped.[/quote]

I’ve only tried hook grip on Olympic bars, most on the narrower women’s bar and only on the men’s bar warming up without weight but I imagine due to it’s thickness it would be tougher. My bar also has a really gentle knurling and I’ve picked up bars with rougher knurling and that was hard on my thumb.

I wrap them sometimes when they get raw and lots of people do tape.

I think George Kobaladze had his thumbs taped here (could also be lots of chalk):