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Women's Oly Lifting


anyone been watching the o liting on eurosport recently. this chinese girl today c&jd 159kg at 71kg bodyweight she gt it easy too.

and some chinese guy at 62kg c&jd 179kg

freaks of nature

83kg men lifting is on tomorrow.


Yawn. When your familiar with the great lifts of the past as I am, none of the stars of today shine all that bright. The only class that shows any promise so far appears to be the supers, hopefully Jaber from Qatar will get a free ride and finally get to show his stuff and kick Reza Zedah's ass.


I'm always impressed by elite olympic lifters. Just this past friday I C&J'd 175lbs at 195 lbs body weight and snatched 120lbs. Of course I'm 49 years old and just started olympic lifting 10 months ago after being an accompished runner for most of my adult life, e.g., sub 17 minute 5Ks and sub 3 hour marathon.


Ah O-lifting. I too haven't been doing it that long but have just switched to C&Press a steel log. Now, my numbers aren't very impressive but as a woman, 125 pounds, I can C&Press 70lbs :slight_smile: The log is a bit more awkward than just a bar, you should try it for fun sometime!!


that woman i talked abut is 20 and just broke 2 slashed records with ease and in the lift before the record had allready been broken by an 18 year old girl.

the chinese guy was 3kg of the record and he done his lift with ease and he is a junior too. ive seen 4 world records in the past few days.

sure u keep on yawning at the poor lifts. lol


If you were familiar you would realize almost every World record from the past has been broken.


Records from the good 'ole days:

Other than Mitko Grablev Snatching 140kg, can't remember even the weight classes before the '60s. Sorry.

Naim Suleymonoglu 152.5kg Snatch (over two- and one-half times bodyweight)
Naim Suleymonoglu 190kg C&J (three- and one-sixth times bodyweight)
Naim Suleymonoglu 342.5kg total

Israel Militosian 160kg Snatch (I think)
Stefan Petrov 200.5kg C&J

Can't remember total. Before he "tested positive" Angel Guentchev Snatched 160kg and C&J'd an amazing triple-bodyweight 202.5kg at the '88 Olympics in this weight category.

Angel Guentchev 170kg Snatch
Alexander Varbanov 215.5kg C&J
(Varbanov also cleaned 217.5kg twice easily at the '87 Worlds, obviously missing both jerks.)
Can't remember total offhand, think it was 387.5kg

Asen Zlatev 183kg Snatch
Asen Zlatev 225kg C&J
Yurik Vardanyan 405kg total

Blagoi Blagoiev 195.5kg Snatch
Anatoli Kraphaty 235kg C&J
Anatoli Kraphaty 422.5kg total (I think. Also, for a contrast to today's guys, Yurik Vardanyan held the C&J mark here for a while with a 228kg lift while weighing in at a very light 85kg, making him the all-time lightest man to lift 500lb. overhead. Making him more than competitive even by today's standards.)

Nicu Vlad 200.5kg Snatch
Pavel Kuznetzov 242.5kg C&J (I think)
Yuri Zachareivich 440kg total (both junior and senior world records)

Yuri Zachareivich 210kg Snatch
Yuri Zachareivich 250.5kg C&J
Yuri Zachareivich 455kg total

Antonio Krastev 216kg Snatch
Leonid Taranenko 266kg C&J
Leonid Taranenko 475kg total

The B-session kid did a 185kg Snatch in the '85s, which is almost as good as Zlatev's lift, almost of course because he's a little heavier. The Snatch mark for the 77's is over 170kg, which I'll call equal to the 170kg lift Guentchev did again due to bodyweight issues. My prediction is this is as close as we'll see to anyone matching or exceeding the old marks.

Can't really blame the lifters, they train as hard as anyone at any time, but this is the outcome of a strict doping-control policy. They can change the weight classes, change how weights are added to the bar to stir up some excitement and interest, but the marks of the '80s are still the gold standard for O-lifting.


Oh and I don't care a lick about wimmins lifting.


There is a good article on this at Sportivny Press; "The Effect of Testing for Performance Enhancing Drugs on the Progress of World Records in Weightlifting."



a 17 year old at 84kg c&jd 216kg yesterday


True, and he is one of the new kids I'll keep my eye on. The potential is certainly there, we'll see what happens.


I can't wait for the next commonwealth games. I'll get to watch about 3 minutes OL on terrestrial TV, around midnight, TWICE over the course of 14 days.

Oh, happy days!


YOU mean the good ol days when there was basically no drug control.


YOU mean the good ol days when there was basically no drug control.[/quote]

A seventeen year-old kid competing in the
85kg category C&J's 216kg the other day and YOU think he and his competition is clean?

And for the record, there was doping control in those days too, it just wasn't as applied with such an iron-grip as it is today.


I know people are still doped up. But in the 80's the testing was a joke. Atleast now you can't be juiced all the time. they atlest have some out of season tests so guys have to keep their test to epitest ratio 5 to 1.


Come on now, testing was much easier to prepare for back then but it was no joke, just ask Jeff Michaels, Phil Grippaldi or Blagoi Blagoiev (to name a few) for proof of that.

And what good has come out of random, off-season testing anyway? There was an article here on T-Nation a few years ago about doping testing that really hit the nail on the head. The author asks what have the doping control people really contributed to sports? Nothing IMO, if anything they have robbed us of some the most anticipated battles of all-time, at least in weightlifting. The '88 Olympics was set for some massive showdowns of the greatest lifters in the prime of their careers. Duels like Chakarov vs. Krahpaty, Botev vs. Zacharievich, Krastev vs. Kurlovich vs. Taranenko never happened thanks to drug testing, yet no one ever gets pissed or feels slighted about this. The weightlifting community, at least the guys here in the states, can't get enough testing, they love it. I don't get it, I just don't like the history of the sport to be swept under the carpet with some nonsensical mythos that there was no testing back then. I suppose eventually it'll happen, as more and more new lifters and fans have no idea of the names and lifts I mentioned above, and it kind of saddens me when a little history is brought to their attention its "Oh that was before drug-testing."

I've been hearing they don't even test for AAS in the off-season anyway because its too expensive, they implement a cheaper test for ephedrine and whatever.